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Well, here we are.  We’ve kicked around the idea for a while of having a GunLink blog and we’ve finally got around to adding one.

It should be useful on several levels.  Currently, new GunLink articles get posted on the GunLink Forums, which can make them more difficult for the average user who might not be a forum member to access.  For the time being, we have several options that we’re going to explore.

The first option is to post articles on both the forums and on the blog.  This would probably make the articles the most accessible but would also take up the most time (for posting, formatting, etc) only to duplicate material.  Alternatively, we can post original articles (and links to 3rd part articles) on the blog, where they would be easy to find, and post a link to the blog entry on the forum so forum users know about the new materials.  Another option would be to flip-flop that and have the articles on the forum and a brief description and a link on the blog.  Personally, I think the second option makes the most sense, but we’re open to suggestions.  Feel free to let us know what you think in blog comments, forum posts or via Twitter.

After that, the only thing to figure out would be how to manage our advertising across the new portions of the site.  Current advertisers have their ads displayed across both the business directory and forum portions of the website.  We will have to decide whether those same advertising slots will be carried across to the blog, a separate advertising system will be put into place or what.  If possible, I think the best solution that would offer the most value to us at GunLink, our advertisers and our readers would be to enable advertisers to purchase one ad slot that will appear across all portions of the GunLink site.  For more information about using the GunLink banner advertising program to spread the word about your firearms, hunting, shooting or gear related business, please visit this forum post.

Keep your eyes here for future posts and be sure to let us know what you think about the whole blog idea.


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