Silencerco / SWR Launches Their New Online Store

July Sales of “Silencers are Legal Shoot” Creators to Benefit Veteran Support Network

West Valley, UT Silencerco / SWR, Leading manufacturer of firearm sound suppressors has announced the launch of their new online store,  This new online store will allow dealers and customers to research Silencerco and SWR accessories and ensure the correct fit of pistons, thread adapters and flash hiders. In honor of Independence Day, Ten percent of proceeds from online sales during the month of July will be donated to the veteran support network Gallant Few.

Founder and CEO Joshua Waldron, says “We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry and providing a streamlined  system for our customers to purchase our products online is the next step in creating a positive customer experience ”. is a definitive source for all your Silencerco and SWR suppressor accessory information.  The site menu is organized by brand to make it easier for dealers and customers to determine what they need. The site will also feature a dealer locator to help our customers connect with their local dealer, who will often have the products in stock and can provide personal service and attention.

Sales Manager Gary Hughes, says  “The superior silence e-commerce site will give our dealers and customers a definitive source of info for Silencerco and SWR accessories. It will be easy to navigate and let them know what they need and direct them to a dealer nearby or if no dealer is available to purchase the items directly. It will be a great resource for our dealers and customers.”



All Silencerco and SWR products are available through our wholesale distributors, Acusport and M3 Major Malfunctions Munitions.




About SilencerCo/SWR
SilencerCo was formed in 2008 by Joshua Waldron and Jonathon Shults when they learned that the military released a solicitation stating it wanted all firearms deployed to be silenced.  Silencerco was then founded with the mission to provide the civilian, military, and law enforcement customers with premier silencers. Employing unconventional thinking to inspire innovation and creative solutions, to improve product function, ease of use, and maintenance Silencerco is now the largest silencer manufacturer in the country for civilians and they are continuing to make progress in acquiring military contracts.


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