NFL to Daniel Defense: “No Ads for You!”

You’ve probably heard some of the hubbub about the NFL rejecting Daniel Defense‘s commercial for inclusion in the Superbowl ad rotation.  The ad was rejected based on the “no guns allowed” policy when it comes to commercials that they run.  This, despite the fact that there are no firearms shown or mentioned in the advertisement save for the one in the company logo (which they even offered to remove, to no avail).

If you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is in it’s nasty, offensive entirety:

Pretty awful stuff, right?

Whatever.  DD is a good company that makes good firearms.  The NFL may not want to take Daniel Defense’s mountains of money for the Superbowl spot, but they’re still getting plenty press for having the ad rejected and, as they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity“.

Make no mistake about it, the NFL isn’t simply trying to stay away from the hot-button gun control issue; they are solidly enveloped in the cloud of outright anti-gun attitudes, as evidenced by Bob Costas’ anti-gun tirade during Sunday Night Football which made waves just over a year ago.

DD probably spent a fair chunk of change producing and testing their commercial and trying to get it into the Superbowl rotation.  Let’s give them a hand and help them make it worthwhile.  Use the share buttons below to help spread the word on social media and get their commercial in front of some eyeballs.  While you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and voice your opinion to the NFL about where you stand on their decision and discuss the whole situation on the GunLink Forums.

And if you’re headed to the 2014 SHOT Show, you can find Daniel Defense in exhibit spaces 202171, 202271, 202371, 202471 and 202571.


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