Getting a Tax Refund? Consider Using it to Support the Second Amendment.

Join NRA, Save $10Income tax season is in full swing, with just over one month until the Tuesday, April 15 2014 deadline.  Many employees who have overpaid on their tax burden throughout the year will be getting a refund and might be wondering what to do with the “extra” cash.  Many people treat themselves to something nice that they have had their eye on for the past year which, for firearms enthusiasts, might be a new firearm, firearm accessory or maybe some ammo and a range trip.  Maybe you are thinking about taking the opportunity to get your CCW permit (maybe even taking your class online).  But have you considered using part of your refund to help defend the right to keep and bear those firearms?

Tax time might be the perfect time to join or renew your RKBA organization membership, give a membership as a gift or make a donation to help support the cause.  There are plenty of great Second Amendment organizations out there and, with the constant attacks on gun rights from all sides, getting a financial boost in the form of a tax refund check is a great opportunity to help fight back against those attacks.

If this is something that you are interested in, you can make your tax refund dollars go further by saving $10 on NRA membership dues here.


Join NRA Save $10

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