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Marketplace PrizesIt is no secret that many companies are anti-gun.  There are stories about PayPal freezing accounts used to purchase firearms accessories.  eBay seems to selectively police what is and is not allowed for sale on their website on a whim.  Amazon recently announced changes that will allow fewer types of firearms accessories to be listed for sale.  Facebook disallows firearms related advertising and, along with Instagram, is cracking down on private sales of firearms.  If you have ever tried to post wanted or for sale ads for  firearms or accessories on Craig’s List, you know that they are almost immediately flagged and deleted.

Putting aside the politics and the theory that this is just more propaganda to demonize anything related to firearms, it makes it difficult to complete legitimate, individual, private sales of firearms and accessories.  Let’s say you have a box of holsters you don’t use or a firearm you no longer shoot or magazines for a rifle you no longer own.  How can you sell your items if you can not list them on eBay or Amazon to get widespread exposure or even Facebook or Craig’s List for the local crowd?  This is a familiar, frustrating experience for many people in the market to buy or sell firearms and firearms related accessories.

All hope is not lost, however.  The recently-opened GunLink Marketplace is a section of the online GunLink Forums with sections to post for sale, wanted and wanted to trade ads for legal transactions between private individuals.  Forum members are able to post their buy/sell/trade announcements in the forums, communicate with the other parties to the transaction, view and leave feedback and more.

As a bonus, since the GunLink Marketplace is brand new, to get things started we are even offering an opportunity to win some prizes just for posting your ad.  For a limited time, when you post a buy/sell/trade ad in the GunLink Marketplace, you will be entered for a chance to win some great prizes like firearm-related stickers and patches, knives, flash drives, paracord gear and more.


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