Hornady Shows Off New Fast-Access Gun Safe at NRAAM

Hornady RAPiD SafeGunLink had a chance to stop by the Hornady booth at NRAAM 2014 and have a look at their new RAPiD Safe, an innovative solution that allows handgun owners to secure their firearm from children, intruders and other unauthorized persons while still allowing quick access by the owner when needed.

The RAPiD Safe offers three ways to access the contents within.  The first method is the newest and most innovative of the three:  radio frequency identification (RFID) chips are embedded in several types of “keys” that allow for fast, touch-free access.  The user simply waves the RFID-tagged bracelet, key fob or card over the sensor and the safe pops open, presenting the enclosed pistol in a pop up sleeve that rises along with the swing-top lid.  The company rep at the Hornady booth demonstrated how the pistol can be placed within the snug foam sleeve to allow for an immediate full grip on the pistol so that it is ready to use as soon as it is removed from the safe.  The sleeve can also be removed to allow for larger firearms or other items to lay in the bottom of the safe’s 11x8x3″ interior.

RAPiD Safe openIf you need access to your firearm but do not have your RFID key with you (or if it fails) the RAPiD Safe can also be opened using a user-programmable access code entered via the lighted touch keys.

The electronics for the RFID and programmable  access code functionality powered from a standard 110V household outlet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t access your handgun in the event of a power outage.  The RAPiD safe has backup power provided by eight AA batteries that can also be used as a primary power source  for home or mobile use.

RAPiD Safe KeyFurther redundancy is provided by good old fashoned key access.  Our only issue with the setup here is that the lock for the tubular key is hidden under the sensor/keypad panel, which requires removing the panel to open the safe using this method.  Although removing the panel is relatively fast and easy, having the lock more easily accessible could save valuable seconds when the user needs fast access to their firearm.

The RAPiD Safe is no puny lockbox, either.  Its 16 gauge steel construction with 1/4″ dual locking lugs lend to its nearly 16 pound weight.  These features also help the RAPiD Safe exceed ASTM standards for youth resistant firearm containers, helping to keep kids safe and intruders from accessing your firearm.  For added theft protection, the unit comes with a 1500 lb rated security cable to secure the safe to a fixed object.

With the hefty construction comes a hefty price tag of nearly $280.  To learn more about the Hornady RAPiD Safe, visit the Hornady Security Division website.


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