But It’s Just a Policy…

Why “Concealed Means Concealed” is a Bunch of Hooey

No Guns No MoneySince there have been firearms to carry there have been businesses, individuals and organizations that want to restrict firearms carry.  This isn’t anything new.  However, there has been a recent rash of well-publicized statements from companies like Target, IKEA, Starbucks, Chili’s, Chipotle and others who say that they would prefer to have a “criminal protection zone” than an environment in which their customers are able to #EatSafe and #ShopSafe.

These statements are often met with replies along the lines of “concealed means concealed” or “if you do it right, they will never know that you are carrying.”

It is most likely true that you could carry a concealed firearms into any of these places without anyone ever being wise to it.  After all, have you ever seen metal detectors or pat-downs in any of the aforementioned businesses.  In many of these cases, you would probably be within the law unless you were asked to leave and refused to do so.

The question is… why on earth would you want to?

When businesses make these statements, it is not just some innocuous feel-good store policy.  They are telling you that they don’t trust you.  They are treating you like a criminal or a child and telling you that you are not responsible enough to possess a firearm on their property.  All this despite the fact that, by and large, those who have purchased firearms and/or received their concealed carry permit have undergone an FBI criminal background check via the NICS system and, in many instances, additional checks and waiting periods.  Which of the other patrons on the premises can we be reasonably assured are not drug-addled alcoholic illegal immigrants with a criminal record who have been adjudicated mentally defective?

Aside from them not trusting you, the type of business who is so afraid of firearms that they make statements and policies to the effect that they do not want guns in the hands of honest, law abiding citizens is quite likely to be the same business that donates money to anti-Second Amendment causes that support gun control.

Patronizing businesses like these not only gives tacit approval of these policies but, in many cases, fills the coffers of those organizations which are actively trying to trample your right to keep and bear arms.

Yes, concealed does mean concealed.  Yes, you can probably get away with it and still be legal.  But please think of what it means to spend your money with these companies.  If you have the choice, why not vote with your wallet.  If there is another business just down the street that doesn’t actively work against your values and your rights, why choose the one that does?


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