2nd Amendment Media Begins Rolling Out New Publications

2A MediaThe first of 15 titles planned to be released by the end of the year from 2nd Amendment Media are starting to hit shelves (and virtual shelves online).

2nd Amendment Media’s inaugural publication, Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law, released earlier this month, is billed as “the one guide you need for concealed carry gun law.”  This book covers concealed carry laws nationwide, highlighting common points of law for each state and the District of Columbia, such that a reader should clearly understand how each jurisdiction differs.

Any concealed carry permit holder should know that the laws for carrying a firearm vary from state to state. This book clears up any confusion associated with interstate travel or relocation. The opening chapters give a general overview or what to consider before obtaining a permit, how to interact with law enforcement when carrying a concealed weapon, gun handling and storage, and traveling with a firearm. The remaining pages of the book break down concealed carry law by state.

Their second publication, Armed & Smart: A Beginner’s Guide to Concealed Carry, was released this week.  If you are new to concealed carry and need a great resource for information, this is the book for you. This book covers all the basics a beginner needs to know.Armed and Smart

To the newcomer in the firearms world, the thought of carrying a concealed firearm can be daunting.  Before you make the decision to exercise your Second Amendment right to bear arms through concealed carry, you should consider factors like what type of gun is best for carry, when to carry a firearm, how to carry concealed, and why you should carry a concealed firearm. This book covers each of these subjects in a way that every novice can understand. We carefully cover handgun safety and the proper steps for using and caring for your firearm. Other topics include cartridge selection, accessories available, practice techniques, and gun range etiquette. By the time you have read this helpful and informative book, you will feel completely at ease with your decision to carry a concealed firearm. Armed & Smart is an excellent reference guide for anyone new to the concealed carry world.

The GunLink Reading Room has been stocked with copies of several of the first 2nd Amendment Media publications, so be sure to check back here on the GunLink Blog and on the GunLink Forums reviews section for more information and reviews.


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