Texas Plumber’s Former Truck Gets Weapons Upgrade

…In The Hands of Syrian Extremists!

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Texas plumber Mark Oberholtzer traded in his old work pickup truck at a Houston dealership more than a year ago and didn’t think any more about it.  That is, until he started receiving threats.

Islamic extremist group Ansar al-Deen Front recently posted a photograph of the “upgraded” truck on Twitter.  Modifications to the F-250 include mounting an anti-aircraft gun in the bed of the pickup but, unfortunately for Oberholtzer, did not include removing his company’s decals – including his telephone number.

As a result of the photo – shown at right with company information obscured – circulating around the internet, the plumbing company has been inundated with calls and faxes – many of them threatening.

The Ford dealership says that the traded-in truck went to auction shortly after they took possession of it and likely changed hands multiple times before ending up on the front lines of the ongoing Syrian civil war.

As much as many firearms enthusiasts would enjoy having their vehicle outfitted to include heavy duty firepower, this is certainly now how they would like to have it done – or how to find out about it.  Company representatives have been cited as saying that they would be certain to remove their decals from future trade-ins.


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