New Additions to AAC’s Line of Pistol, Rifle, and Rimfire Silencers

AAC_logo_bannerTrue to Mike Smith’s (somewhat brash, perhaps) letter earlier this year, Advanced Armament Corp. is not only still open for business with real, live employees, they are continuing to innovate and release new suppressors for centerfire pistols, rifles and rimfire firearms.  We got a chance to see them at SHOT Show 2015 and they will be on display to the general public in booth 2033 at next month’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville.

Among the new offerings are a couple of neat little pistol suppressors.  Filling the void left by the popular-but-discontinued Ti-Rant 9 is the new Illusion 9 with a claimed 33db sound reduction.  The Illusion 9’s offset bullet path allows the bulk of the suppressor to hang below the bore axis, freeing up the real estate above the axis to allow the use of factory sights instead of raised suppressor sights.  The Illusion also incorporates AAC’s “Assured Semi Automatic Performance” (ASAP) booster which the company claims “ensures reliable pistol operation, allows for zero-shift adjustment, and provides for modularity to support multiple weapons platforms.”  The Illusion has an MSRP of $800 and should be available this spring.   

AAC_002Also in the New Pistol Suppressor category for AAC in 2015 is the Ti-Rant 45M.  The wet-or-dry jack of all trades for 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber pistols has been quite popular, leaving fans with only the decision to get the regular-length Ti-Rant 45 (-30dB dry/-41dB wet) or the louder-but-more-compact Ti-Rant 45s (-18dB/-28.5dB).  That choice is now made easier by the new modular 45M model which offers the best of both worlds by converting between the two.  The 45M, without special tools, converts between 8 ¾” length and 6 ¾” compact length.  The convertible can will likely go for around $850 when it is available this spring.

AAC_006Jumping up to the rifle suppressor category, AAC is offering a pair of new cans for 5.56 and 7.62 caliber rifles, both featuring the new 90-tooth ratcheting taper mount for better lock-up with less chance of the suppressor loosening up, minimizing point-of-impact shift.  The 6.7″ SR-5 and 7.6″ SR-7, both with an MSRP just shy of $1100, feature a fully-welded 100% Inconel 718 baffle core designed to minimize back pressure and a new blast baffle that is supposed to be more resistant to erosion problems when used with SBRs.  The SR-5 boasts a sound reduction of 32-34dB while the SR-7 claims a 25dB sound reduction with M80 from a 14.5″ barrel and a 39dB reduction with 220gr .300AAC from a 9″ barrel.

AAC_004AAC is also rolling out a pair of new rimfire suppressors:  The Mercury and the Aviator 2.  The $400 Mercury features a monolithic core design and is rated for .22LR, .22 mag, .17HMR, and .17 Mach II and claims a 40dB sound reduction.  The .22LR Aviator 2 outranks the older Pilot 2 by three K baffles – for a total of ten – giving it a claimed 41 dB reduction in a 6.5″, 4 oz package (made possible by the mostly aluminum construction with a stainless steel insert) with an MSRP of $300.  While the Mercury can be disassembled for cleaning without the use of tools, the Aviator 2 requires the supplied spanner wrench to remove the front cap.

With the ease of suppressor ownership (made even easier through the NFA trust process) and the constant improvements made by manufactures, there is no time like the present to start or grow your collection.  If you are going to NRAAM in Nashville, you can stop by the AAC booth to see their new offerings for yourself.  Admission is free for NRA members and their immediate family.  If you need to join or renew your NRA membership, you can save $10 on dues here.

With all these new suppressors, it is easy to understand why people get excited about the AAC lineup.



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