Grid Down Survival Guides Help Preppers Make Ready

Clip_Strip_Image copySurvival-minded readers will appreciate the latest series of books coming from Whitman Publishing’s Second Amendment Media: Grid Down Survival.

The Grid Down Survival Guides offer preparedness information that would be vital in many disaster situations although, as the name implies, they focus on a grid down scenario in which infrastructure fails and societal norms begin to collapse.  Grid Down could be anything from minor disruptions in every day creature comforts to SHTF/TEOTWAWKI (s**t hitting the fan /the end of the world as we know it) and, in the spirit of “hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” the guide series puts a good deal of focus on the latter end of that spectrum.  Such a scenario may sound far-fetched but, realistically, we could be one relatively minor disaster away from a grid-down situation at any moment.

Consider the devastating aftermath – both natural and man-made – when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Consider the events that unfolded during the nationwide “protests” stemming from the situation in Ferguson, Missouri over the past year:  violence, looting, burned buildings, national guard mobilization, police shootings, interstate highway shutdowns and more.  Consider the fragility of our power grid in the scope of threats like the 2013 sniper attacks on California power stations, which knocked out 17 transformers that took over a month to repair, solar flares, or enemy attacks and the amount of time it would take to recover given the production capacity for power station equipment and the existing stock (or lack thereof) of replacement parts.

The “war on coal,” the fight against hydraulic fracturing (fracking), pushback against the Keystone XL Pipeline and other factors may even further imperil our energy infrastructure – even if only by causing increased economic strain on the industry and consumers.  Crumbling bridges and non-existent “shovel ready” highway projects might show cracks in our transportation grid.  With economic turmoil in the European market (Greek tragedy?), Russia tangling with Ukraine and annexing Crimea, Iranian nuke talks, conflict with the Norks over hacking allegations, and countless other examples of instability in the world, it just makes sense to be prepared.   

San Francisco 1906Despite all of this, we are not trying to be Debbie Downers.  Realistically (and, with crossed fingers, hopefully), a widespread disaster and/or total collapse would not happen in our lifetime or that of our children.  Smaller scale SHTF situations – one or several cities losing power, potable water or some other essential utility infrastructure element, suffering a terrorist attack, being overrun with violent protesters, coming under martial law – while still unlikely, are much more feasible.  Disaster preparations, such as first aid or communications, are even applicable to small scale personal SHTF situations such as a hunter or camper being injured afield or a driver being stuck on the interstate during a winter storm.

Toward the goal of preparing for uncomfortable situations which run the gamut described above and beyond, 2nd Amendment Media’s Grid Down Survival Guides provide a great starting point.  Currently, the first four guides in the series are available now. Guide 1 is the Grid Down Survival Guide To First Aid – a basic guide to prevention and treatment of common ailments and injuries that might occur during a disaster or collapse scenario, complete with gear recommendations.  Guide 2 is the Grid Down Survival Guide To Small Arms – which examines various firearms and how to choose among them, as well as their practical implementation if things go south.  Guide 3 is the Grid Down Survival Guide To Home Defense – a guide from authors with USMC and SWAT experience which discusses techniques to barricade and defend your home in a grid-down or disaster situation.  Guide 4, the Grid Down Survival Guide To Urban Defense, takes things a little further, addressing the realities of surviving in the city when things fall apart.

GunLink staff has been poring over these first four guides in the series and will be posting more in-depth reviews and information for each one in the Training, Survival, and Prepping section of the GunLink forums.

The Grid Down series doesn’t stop there.  Four more titles are scheduled to drop throughout 2015.  Over the summer, guides 5 and 6 – the Grid Down Survival Guides to Sustainable Food and Bug Out Bags – will be released.  Later in the year, guides 7 and 8 – the Grid Down Survival Guides to Aleternative Power & Fuel and Communications – will hit shelves.  There is no telling how far the guides will go, but 2nd Amendment Media staff with whom we spoke indicated that they plan on releasing four per year.



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