NRA Dues Have Gone Up but Supporters Still Have Time to Save

SHOT16_NRAlogoAs you are certainly aware by now, NRA membership dues have increased as of March 1st.  New members who join the National Rifle Association and existing members who renew directly through NRA will pay the new rates.  Despite the rising cost of pretty much everything else, these increases mark the first time that NRA dues have gone up in over two decades.

When the dues increases were announced, NRA recruiters – such as Team GunLink – were notified that we would be authorized to continue offering the old discounted rates until further notice.  That notice has now been given and the cut-off date for the old discounted rates is May 1, 2016.  After that date, we will still be able to help patriots join in the fight for Second Amendment rights with lower rates than those available directly through the NRA, but the big savings will be gone.  We can offer our special rates if you see us in person at shows, shoots, shops, out on the street, or anywhere else in person, or through the online sign-up form here.

NRA membership dues still include the same benefits, including helping to fight for the right to keep and bear arms, a subscription your choice of NRA magazines, entry for you and your family into the NRAAM, discounts, and more.

Finally, to be crystal clear since there has been some confusion since the price hikes were announced, current NRA Life members – whether they are fully paid up or are still working on Easy Pay Life plan – will NOT have to pay any additional dues that they have already agreed to.  If you are a fully-paid life member, you are still fully paid.  If you are making EPL payments, you will continue to make the same number of payments for the same amount as you would have otherwise.  Life members who wish to upgrade to Distinguished Life or other higher-level Life membership will now have to pay the higher rates for the upgrade.


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