Cloud-Based Firearms Guide Releases 6th Edition

FirearmsGuidePS90We told you about the Firearms Guide’s jump from DVD to “the cloud” back in January and all of the new features and capabilities that this change allowed.

Firearms Guide editor Chris Mijic is delivering on his promise of frequent updates in the ever-changing world of firearms as the 6th edition of the new ONLINE Firearms Guide makes its debut this week.

Chris describes the Guide as the “most extensive firearms, air guns and ammo reference guide” with more than 61,000 firearm and ammo entries from over 900 manufacturers.  In addition to details about the firearms, the Guide also provides values based on 100% – 30% condition ratings on all firearms as well as over 5,500 printable firearm parts lists and diagrams.

To check out the latest addition to the Firearms Guide series, visit the Firearms Guide website.


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