August TacPack Subscription Box

As we mentioned previously on the GunLink Blog and in the TacPack thread on the GunLink forums, we signed up for a subscription to the TacPack subscription box – a monthly delivery of an assortment of tactical gear, accessories, gun parts, knives, and more.

The August Box has arrived and this post covers what is in it.  If you are a subscriber and don’t want the surprise to be spoiled, don’t keep reading.  We’ll take down the spoiler alert and switch to the regular TacPack blog post format after a few days once everyone else has had a chance to open theirs.

Details of the August TacPack contents from the card included in the box are below.  Watch the TacPack thread on the GunLink Forums for more details and a review of the contents.   


The August TacPack… What can we say… We’ve been working on a deal with Mission First Tactical for 9 months and it’s come together to be simply the best box we’ve ever put together. This TacPack is made entirely in the USA! Every day we get multiple subscriber requests and the theme we noticed is that our people want AR15 parts!

Minimalist Stock (60.00) — A stock that we have used personally for over 2 years. The minimalist stock is lightweight, extremely rigid, and easy to deploy that comes in at 6 ounces! An aftermarket stock is a great way to upgrade your AR15 and we wanted this one for our people! We even got a different sized TacPack box so that you could enjoy this thing.

React Vertical Foregrip (27.00) — A super low profile that offers increased stability when moving/shooting where you can increase accuracy and use in tandem with barricade situations. The grip includes a battery sled so that you never have to worry about failed optics or gear. Toss it on your rifle and go to work at the range.

Enhanced Trigger Guard (12.00) — Replace your stock trigger guard with this unit to reveal a larger opening so that gloves are welcomed when you train. This trigger guard is made with a rock-solid polymer that won’t quit. An enhanced trigger guard is something you may not know that you need, but are glad you have once you install it.

10 Round Magazine (15.00) We killed three birds with one stone. We catered to states with mag-round limits while also looking out for you when you are shooting on a bench (or prone) or even a PDW owner. The worst thing that can happen when taking your gun out to distances further than 100-yards is that a regular magazine won’t allow for good ground clearance. Likewise, a small mag is essential for a PDW in certain scenarios where concealment is key.

TacPack Sticker (priceless) — Show it loud and proud! You asked for it. We love that you want to rep your favorite Tactical Sub box.


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