September TacPack Subscription Box

As we mentioned previously on the GunLink Blog and in the TacPack thread on the GunLink forums, we signed up for a subscription to the TacPack subscription box – a monthly delivery of an assortment of tactical gear, accessories, gun parts, knives, and more.

September’s box has is here and this post spills the beans on what kind of goodies are in it.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Details of the September TacPack contents from the card included in the box are below.  Watch the TacPack thread on the GunLink Forums for more details and a review of the contents once we get a chance to check them out.   

September is here and fall is in the air…perfect weather for getting outside and shooting and/or training. This months pack is full of American made gun parts and accessories. The requests continue to roll in for more and more gun parts and we are delivering once again!

Tactical Oatmeal Pistol Mag (44.00) – Get rid of that unwanted attention towards your crotch by getting that bulky magazine out of your pocket and into a Tactical Oatmeal magazine carrier. Your friends and range masters will thank you for it! These magazine carriers are constructed using waterproof, solvent proof, abrasion resistant, .08″ thickness Kydex for superior durability compared to the common .06″ Kydex. The size is minimal and doesn’t take up too much real estate on your belt either. This is another product we field-tested and wanted to share with our subscribers.

Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner (8.00) – An Industrial strength American made hand cleaner that we fell in love with instantly! We take samples of this to the range with us every time we go and people seem to agree that it works well. This product is all natural and removes virtually any substance, kills odors, and moisturizes and repairs all without irritation! These guys created this product from scratch utilizing a homemade micro scrubbing formula… This stuff has become an instant ‘must pack’ in the range bag

Hoptic Bubble Level  (25.00)- We partnered up with Hoptic to get a custom made level. Anyone that shoots any kind of precision knows that a level gun is an accurate gun. The Hoptic bubble level is a simple yet effective upgrade to your precision rifle that prevents you from second guessing your position. It’s design allows for easy reading without adjusting your position/head. Made out of Aluminum and ultra light weight..oh yes, and made in the USA.

Switch View Eagle Eye by MGM Targets(25.00) – Hunters, Tactical Shooters, Competitive Shooters… this is the item for you! The SwitchView function and reliability is now available in a UNIVERSAL fit, polymer version. It simply and securely attaches around the scope magnification ring for fast and easy adjustment of your scope. Pack it up, put it on and perform better at the range this weekend! Try it, it works well


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