Is the New Sig P365 the Perfect Carry Gun?

It is a reasonable question to ask. The latest pistol offered by Sig Sauer is small, light, compact, and has a respectable round count for a pistol this size. While it may not be a hand-filling, full-on combat pistol, it does look like it will mark many of the boxes on any CCW checklist; and it might just be THE new concealed pistol.

While some folks will always want to carry something more along the lines of that combat pistol, many just want something that works, is effective, and is easy to carry. Obvious comparisons that come to mind are the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson Shield – both fine pistols in that role, and quite popular.  But then Sig did this.

The Sig P365 maintains approximately the same one inch width that it shares with both the G43 and the Shield and, at 4.25 tall, is about the same height as the 43 while about half an inch shorter than the Smith. The new Sig, however, gains a big advantage for those hoping to pocket carry it: with a 5.9″ OAL, it is a quarter- to half-inch shorter than the S&W and Glock, respectively. While that reduction in length won’t matter much for carrying it on your belt, this smaller size will likely be quite noticeable in the pocket.   

The 365 is lighter, too, tipping the scales at less than 18 ounces – almost 3oz lighter than either of the other two.

Yeah, so it’s smaller and lighter, but small guns give up round count, right? Wrong. While the G43 is a 6+1 pistol and the Shield is a 7+1 (8+1 with the bigger magazine), the Sig P365 somehow stretches that to a 10+1 capacity.

An obvious comparison at that capacity would be something along the lines of a G26, which is significantly larger and more difficult to pocket carry (and maybe even carry IWB). To get this same capacity from the Glock, you gain 0.62″ in length, more than a quarter-inch in width, and nearly four ounces in weight! If you are willing to sacrifice a little extra height, larger 12 round magazines will be available out of the gate for a baker’s dozen 9mm rounds – edging in on the territory of even larger pistols.

For the brand loyal, one of Sig’s current most popular sub-compacts is likely the P938 – a single-action 6+1 capacity model that is only marginally lighter and shorter with a slightly longer OAL.

We either missed the P365 at Range Day, or Sig did not have it at the range. Either way, our team did not get a chance to do any live fire with the new pistol, which is something that we are regretting after having the opportunity to handle it on the show floor. The P365 both looked and felt great in the hand, with very good ergonomics and aesthetics.  The samples that they had on the floor at SHOT Show 2018 had decent triggers and the good sights that Sig is known for.

We were thoroughly impressed with the work that Sig Sauer has obviously put into their latest carry gun and, as long as it doesn’t suffer from some of the same rush-to-market-before-its-ready issues as their last Next Big Thing, it is likely to be a hugely popular offering. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t a while after its release before getting one; being a beta tester for firearm from a company with such recent issues is not high on our list of things to do.

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