Maxpedition Adds Two New CCW Backpacks to AGR Line

For Fall 2018, Maxpedition introduces two new backpacks in the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) lineup.

Building upon the success of the Riftcore design introduced in early 2016, Maxpedition now offers the larger 30L Riftblade and the more compact 15L Riftpoint to round out this trio of ergonomic concealed carry capable backpacks.

This latest release reinforces Maxpedition’s mission in the creating of the AGR line: to build military-grade tactical gear based on cutting-edge research using custom developed materials and components and with modernized aesthetics.

Maxpedition’s pursuit of the best since 2003 has cultivated a clientèle that has come to expect only products of uncompromising quality, durability and innovation.


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