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Concealed Carry Purses Provide Off-Body Carry Options

WomensShootingAlliance_037When women shop for accessories, we shop for looks as well as function and fit. A common problem with many IWB and OWB holsters for women is that our tops are typically more form fitting than men’s shirts and women’s jeans tend to ride around the hips rather than the waist. This can make it difficult to effectively conceal a pistol on the waist. A common solution, since many women already carry a purse, is to opt for off-body carry and make the purse their “holster”.

There are a number of companies on the market that make purses designed specifically for concealed carry. Features can include a specific pouch or pocket in the purse (or outside the purse) for carrying the weapon. This pocket can be accessible from inside or outside (sometimes both) the main pocket of a purse. Some companies include locking zippers and some even include a cable-lined strap for reinforcement (and to prevent theft).   Continue reading

Low Profile UltiClip Offers Deep Concealment, Improved Retention

IMG_3920In their recent press release, Florida-based Ulticlip claimed that they intended to “bring concealed carry into the 21st Century.”  As far as we can tell, they’ve done a pretty good job of modernizing one of the integral components of many holsters:  the belt clip.  Check that.  Calling it a “belt clip” might not be all that accurate since the Ulticlip allows something somewhat uncommon:  CCW without a belt.

Company owner Randall Darby sent over some of his Ulticlips to check out, so we gave them a try on a few different holster types.  UltiClips are designed to work with a variety of holster designs.  Basically, if your holster has belt clips that attach by a screw or fit through a sleeve, the Ulticlip will likely work with it.  Paddle style holsters and pocket holsters without clip might be able to be cobbled up to work with the Ulticlip but, by their nature, they probably won’t work as designed.

IMG_3938We did most of our testing on our EDC IWB rigs from Alien Gear and N82 Tactical.  Our N82 testing was done on the Pro model holsters; although the Original and Original Tuckable models use a clip that fits into a leather sleeve with a notch for the rib to stick out of, the sleeve is too tight for the Ulticlip rib to fit through.  We also took the Ulticlips for a spin on a couple other styles of holsters and let some gun-buddies try them out on their holsters to get opinions.

The Ulticlip makers claim three main benefits of the upgraded belt clip:  “ultimate retention, ultimate concealment, and ultimate versatility.”  Let’s take a look at how they do in reaching these three goals.   Continue reading

You Carry a Gun? What Are You Afraid Of?

JeffCooperHave you ever heard that question?  If you have heard it once, you have probably heard it numerous times.  You take a firearm with you when you go out to the movies, mall, or church or when you take the dog for an evening walk.  You must be afraid of something.  Right?

This is the mentality of many people and it’s an odd one.  How does someone come to be in such a condition where the first explanation they jump to is fear?  One possibility is that they are so afraid of everyday life that they project that same fear onto others.  Wearing a seat belt clearly indicates terror at the prospect of being in a motor vehicle.  Safety glasses when using power tools?  What are ya, a sissy?  And just think of all those millions of young ladies living in perpetual fear as they lug around a can of pepper spray on their keychain.  Own a flashlight?  Ha!  Most people stopped being afraid of the dark at a pretty young age.  This type must buy Depends by the truckload.

How does having the tools to protect oneself, one’s family, or those around them equate to cowardice?  When a hatchet wielding schizophrenic starts trying to dice up the crowd in your theater, bravery must be to hide in the corner and hope his arm gets tired before he chops his way to your child.  When an armed madman starts murdering mall shoppers or movie goers, what is bravery? In their mind it must be to run away from the sounds of violence and hope that someone else who thought to bring a gun shows up to stop the attacker before the body count gets too high.  These people are a bad joke.    Continue reading

Concealed Carry Holster and Wardrobe Tips

Well known firearms and self-defense instructor Massad Ayoob recently shared some tips about CCW wardrobe choices:

When it comes to carrying a concealed handgun, wardrobe is essential. While Massad Ayoob isn’t a fashion expert, he is one of the foremost authorities on firearms, self-defense and concealed carry, meaning he knows exactly what you should and shouldn’t wear the next time you step out in public with a handgun tucked away on your person. Watch the video above to learn some of Mas’ concealed carry wardrobe tips.

If you aren’t ready to start building your wardrobe around your carry piece and you still need to choose a holster, Continue reading





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