GunLink Ads Make Their Way to Blog

Alright, we’ve got ads on the blog now.  Our advertisers should be happy.  We’ve also tried to keep them as unobtrusive (for those of you in Rio Linda – that means they’re out of the way) as possible, so readers should be happy too.

If you’re one of our advertisers: the blog ads currently work the same way as they do across the rest of the site as far as selection and impressions go.  We will incorporating blog advertising into our overall advertising program and possibly adding new advertising options.  If you are interested in starting a new advertising campaign on GunLink or changing your current campaign details, contact us at advertising at

We’re just trying this out temporarily for now, so they may not be there for long.  We will be working various options as we get the ball rolling on this new site feature, so don’t be surprised if you see some things changing.  As usual, we’d love to hear feedback on our progress.


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