SHOT Show Media Day

There was a lot going on at 2012 SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range.  1200 media personnel were expected to show up and, based on the crowd, I’d say that expectation was met.  There were a variety of new products on display, both in the shooting areas as well as the non-shooting areas, including newly debuted firearms, gear, off-road vehicles, mobile apps and more.  GunLink spoke with numerous exhibitors, shot some guns, tried out some gear and generally had a great time.  A big thanks goes out to all of the exhibitors and sponsors who made it all possible, including the range transportation, lunch and everything else.

Some of the new firearms products that we were most impressed with included Springfield Armory’s brand new XDs pistol, some of the new offerings from Slidefire Solutions and Parabellum Armament.  We look forward to sharing information about these new products (and many more) over the coming days.  Keep an eye right here for updates.



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