Parabellum Armament Shows Off AK Add-ons at SHOT

Parabellum Armament demonstrated several innovative products for the AK-47 platform at the Boulder City Pistol & Rifle Range the day before the 2012 NSSF SHOT Show officially opened and GunLink had an opportunity to try them out.

Both of the AK add-ons were on the same rifle, also equipped with an under-folder stock.  The first aftermarket gadget was Parabellum’s AK rail system.  We’ve seen rail systems for the AK platform in the fast and they often fall short of the needs of the serious shooter for various reasons.  Some rail systems attach via pricey and awkward mounts on the side of the receiver and might even require permanent modification of the firearm.  Other rail systems are often either attached by the rear leaf sight mount or the top dust cover, neither of which necessarily results in a rail that stays put.  That might be acceptable for mounting flashlights or if you aren’t interested in your optics staying zeroed.

The rail system from Parabellum Armament mounts to both the rear-leaf sight hinge as well as the specialized top dust cover included in the kit.  This yields a rail solid enough for the Parabellum folks to give the AK Microdot sight on it a few good whacks with the heel of their hand before putting it on the firing line.  As can be seen in the product photo, installing the rail also give you a replacement rear notch sight so you aren’t left without backup sights should your optic fail.

Once on the firing line, I nearly missed the second add-on that the Parabellum rep had just finished explaining to me.  Through force of habit, I seated the magazine in the AK and charged the weapon by pulling the bolt handle to the rear, completely ignoring the second charging handle on the front left side of the gas tube.  Parabellum is offering a ratcheting charging system that consists of a machined two-piece block that replaces the factory gas tube with a charging handle that rides inside of it and clamps onto the piston.  This non-reciprocating charging handle and the replacement gas tube were hot to the touch when I picked up the rifle, indicating that I wasn’t the first one who had a smile brought to their face by this rifle.

After managing to drop the magazine prior to charging the firearm and repeating the process using the new ratcheting system, I lined up the recently abused AK Microdot mounted on the new rail system and produced a steady string of “ding ding ding” from the steel tarAmbidextrous AR-15 charging handlesget downrange.

In addition to these innovative AK add-ons, Parabellum is also showcasing a new line of ambidextrous charging handles for AR-15 style rifles.  These charging handles come in three flavors, two with traditional style ambidextrous latches (one over-sized, one regular sized) and a third with a center push-button release.

To see these and other offerings from Parabellum Armament, check out their website.

4 Responses to Parabellum Armament Shows Off AK Add-ons at SHOT

  • sara says:

    what is the little part on top of the dust cover called that little thing on top ?

  • GunLinkBlog says:

    Not sure if it has a name or not. In the picture above, the part on the dust cover is the rear attachment for the AKARS rail. I believe it mounts in place of the stock rear leaf sight and the two rods coming out of it insert into the back of the rail to provide a stable mounting platform. More info at

  • Kong says:

    Is there a design for the ak M92 also?

    • Jim says:

      Not from parabellum armament, they shut down! rumor is that they were counting on a big gov contract that didn’t pan out and they closed up their doors because they spent too much money on projects that didn’t get paid for


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