Heizer’s DoubleTap Pint Sized Pistol Packs a Punch


Heizer Defense

I first became intrigued with the Heizer Defense Double Tap when I saw an ad for it in the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine.  For some reason, there is something I just can’t resist about this type of pint sized pistol.

The DoubleTap, available in both 9mm and .45ACP versions, comes in a package significantly smaller than other firearms in the same class.  In fact, Heizer bills the DoubleTap as “the world’s smallest and lightest .45 ACP concealed carry pistol on the market today.”  At just 5.5 inches long, 3.9 inches tall and less than 0.7 inches wide, the DoubleTap can easily disappear into a pocket or purse and be at the ready should you need it.  With both aluminum and titanium models available (weighing in at 12 and 14 ounces, respectively), the pistol won’t weigh you down either.

Heizer DoubleTap TitaniumWith only two rounds chambered and another two stowed on a speed strip inside the grip, some people might feel a little under-gunned with that low of a round count.  The DoubleTap might not be the right choice for someone who wants to be ready to take on a small army but it definitely looks like it would serve its intended purpose of offering .45ACP stopping power in an ultra-concealable package.  This makes the DoubleTap perfect for a last-ditch backup gun or an EDC concealed carry piece for someone who wants to keep size and weight at a minimum.

Operating the DoubleTap is a breeze.  The ten pound double action trigger pull is butter-smooth thanks to precision ball bearings and then breaks crisply.  Each successive pull of the trigger drops the snag-free internal hammer on each chamber in an alternating fashion, giving the shooter maximum opportunity to make sure they get a round off.  If a round fails to go off, the next pull of the trigger will try the other round and the next trigger pull will give you another try at the first round.

Manipulating the ambidextrous thumb latch opens the DoubleTap’s barrels, automatically ejecting spent shells and leaving your ready to load the next two rounds from the storage compartment inside the grip.

DoubleTap Cutaway

There are several options available for shooters concerned about the (presumably significant) felt recoil from a .45ACP defensive load out of a 12 ounce pistol with a three inch barrel.  The first option is to simply opt for the 9mm version.  This may not be an option, however, for those who demand the power of a 45.  Heizer also offers progressive barrel porting for an additional $60 on top of the $499 price tag of the aluminum model or $729 price of the titanium model.    The DoubleTap also features interchangeable barrels so you can have the flexibility of 9mm or .45ACP on the same frame with extra barrel assemblies starting under $250.

To learn more about Heizer Defense and the DoubleTap, visit their website at heizerdefense.com.


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