GunLink Forum Provides Grassroots Rallying Point for Second Amendment Proponents

Second Amendment to the United States ConstitutionIn almost any discussion regarding how to protect America’s right to keep and bear arms, as provided for in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is almost a certainty that two tried-and-true methods will come up.  The first method is to call or write your elected representatives at a local, state and federal level and make your pro-2A feelings known.  After all, it is their job to carry out the wishes of their constituents and if they do not know what those wishes are, how can they act upon them?  Many, however, feel that such contact falls upon deaf ears and that, in a game where such officials may receive hundreds, if not thousand, of phone calls, emails and letters every day, one individual’s opinion is too easy to overlook or simply ignore.

The second method that often comes up offers a solution to that problem.  If one individual’s voice is too easy to overlook or ignore, magnify that voice by joining a gun rights organization.  In a discussion on gun rights organizations, there are usually around three to five organizations that are known widely enough to merit a mention and one of those is the JPFO.  Groups such as JPFO, NRA, GOA and others serve a vital purpose, not only of magnifying members’ voices by providing educational resources or creating a powerful lobby which can take large membership rolls to Washington, but also in providing individuals a means of finding each other to enact grassroots action on a local level.  Although certainly not impossible, it would likely be more difficult to organize local gun-rights activists by standing in the town square hollering “Hey, if you love guns, meet us at such-and-such location Friday night!” than by spreading the word about “XYZ Gunrights Organization Local Meeting Friday Night – Non members welcome.”

GunLink has been working with the JPFO webmaster to organize and promote an area of the GunLink Forums for JPFO members to use to coordinate with each other and locate other local second amendment proponents; a resource that, heretofore, has not existed for the organization.  This type of resource can be a vital tool for organizing grassroots second amendment activities.  Such activities include everything from organized letter writing campaigns, marches or rallies down to something as simple as finding a few shooting buddies to hit the range with.  Although JPFOwebman, the moderator of the JPFO corner of the forums, envisions these boards as “a meeting place [without] in-depth discussions“, the remainder of the GunLink forums remain at members’ disposal to discuss everything from gun news and reviews to just “shooting the breeze.”

And to clear up a common misconception, although the JPFO acronym stands for Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership, the group states that it welcomes “people of all religious beliefs (or none) who share a common goal” of fighting for second amendment rights.  They go on to say “you don’t have to be Jewish to join JPFO; you just have to love freedom.

To find out more, visit the JPFO “States Corner” on the GunLink forums.


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