Spring 2012 Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek is CANCELED

Spent Brass at the Knob Creek Machine Gun ShootThere is a biannual celebration of all things firearms related nestled in the hills of north-central Kentucky. Knob Creek Gun Range normally holds their Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show in April and October, when people from all over the nation and from around the world make their trek to this Machine Gun Mecca.  Shooting benches on the firing line are so popular and in such high demand that they must be reserved years in advance.

Unfortunately, both shooters and spectators alike this spring will be without the opportunity to attend what is billed as “The World’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show.”  The Knob Creek Gun Range website has one of their famously good-natured banners splashed across the front page that reads “Too many floods, not enough bridge.”  The website goes on with the crushing news:  “NOTICE: KCR regrets to inform our fans and customers that due to major weather damage and unavoidable bridge reconstruction the 2012 Spring Machine Gun Shoot & Military Gun Show has been cancelled.”

KCR Bridge CollapseI spoke with several employees of Knob Creek Gun Range who assured me that this news was not some sort of horrible joke.  The cancellation of the machine gun shoot is due to construction woes at “the creek.”  For years, Knob Creek Range has been periodically inaccessible during particularly rainy periods when the creek floods and the Ritchey Lane bridge used to access the range is under water.  Flooding became the least of the bridge’s problems in August 2011 when a logging truck (described in another of KCR’s good humored banners as “way too heavy” — Thank you Captain Hindsight) caused the bridge to collapse.

A temporary access route to the range was provided nearly immediately, although some reports indicated that it was a route best left for shooters headed to the range in trucks and SUVs.  The Ritchey Lane route was reopened with time to spare for the Fall 2011 Machine Gun Shoot thanks to a couple culverts and a lot of gravel.  Work on reopening a permanent bridge has been delayed due to wet weather conditions; nearby Louisville broke the yearly rainfall record in early December 2011 with over 65 inches and 2012 is already off to a wet start.

Knob Creek Burning CarKnob Creek Gun Range assures Machine Gun Shoot fans that the Fall 2012 shoot and gun show will go on as scheduled from October 12 through 14.  If you are a firearms enthusiast and have not been to one of these events, we highly recommend it.  The Machine Gun Shoot portion features nearly every type of automatic weapon one can dream of, from Uzis to Miniguns, from Ma Deuces to cannon, it’s probably on the firing line.  While the firing line is mainly for registered shooters, there are benches on the main firing line, as well as several on the lower range, which offer opportunities for spectators to shoot some full-auto weaponry.  In addition, the event also a large gun show, competitions such as the sub-gun matches, and shooting entertainment like the “jungle walk.”

Stay tuned to the GunLink blog and forums for more news about upcoming Knob Creek Gun Range Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Shows.  To relive past shows and share your own stories, visit the GunLink forums:  Fall 2010 ShootFall 2011 Shoot.


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