Daily Caller to Give Away a US Made Pistol Every Week Until 2012 Elections

Conservative news site The Daily Caller announces promotion in which they will give away a pistol every week until the November 6, 2012, Election DaFMK 91C Pistoly

Daily Caller CEO Neil Patel stated that “[l]ike most Americans outside Washington, DC, New York City and most of our nation’s news rooms, large numbers of Daily Caller readers love guns.  These people are already looking to our new Guns and Gear section for the latest product reviews and Second Amendment news

This promotion seems to be the perfect way to draw readers to the site’s new Guns and Gear section, which offers reviews of ammo, guns and gear as well as news from the firearms realm including CCW and self defense issues, firearms laws, survival and military topics.

The big prize, which comes in one of three colors and is engraved with our Bill of Rights, is a model 9C1 pistol from US Manufacturer FMK.  According to FMK’s website, the 23oz double-action only (DAO) 9mm pistol features a 10+1 or 14+1 capacity,  mag-out safety and seven interchangeable low-profile sights.  The 100% American made FMK 9C1 (MSRP $400) is also California and Massachusetts approved.

For a chance to win, visit the Daily Caller Gun Giveaway page.




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