POPVOX Makes it Easy to Tell Congress You Oppose Gun Control

You have to hand it to them – if the gun control crowd is anything, they’re consistent.  Or maybe predictable is a better word.  No matter which adjective you use for them, their unceasing efforts to trample Second Amendment rights are undeniable.  They are a motivated and largely organized group and if we want to preserve our rights we must also be motivated and organized.  We cannot sit idly by while a vocal minority peppers our representatives with calls to incrementally (or not-so-incrementally) degrade our rights.

There are a number of online tools, provided by organizations like GOA and NRA, which allow you to find out who your representatives are and contact them.  There is a relatively new resource called POPVOX (from the latin vox populi – the voice of the people) that users can take advantage of to express their opinions to their legislators.  While POPVOX has been around for a couple years, it has recently been gaining in popularity and is a perfect opportunity for supporters of the Second Amendment to voice their feelings on pending gun control measures.  To find current gun control issues and weigh in on them using POPVOX, visit The Official GunLink POPVOX Thread To Oppose Gun Control Legislation on the GunLink Forums or visit speakup.GunLink.info.

Comments and opinions left via POPVOX are delivered to your Representative and/or Senators in Congress electronically (or by hand when the congress member does not accept electronic messages) and are added to the office’s database which allows them to track constituent sentiment.  Messages are typically delivered to Congress members within 33 hours with fewer than 5% of messages taking more than 4.5 days to deliver.  Delivery status of your message can be viewed from your POPVOX homepage.

Current bills on which constituents can weigh in may be found on the Bills Page of the POPVOX website.  Bills relating to gun control measures and gun rights are listed in the POPVOX thread on the GunLink Forums, which is also a great place to discuss the bills.  We need to work together on this, so if you spot a firearms related bill that we miss, please feel free to post it there.

The United States Supreme Court has acknowledged that the second amendment protects the “pre-existing right” to keep and bear arms – in their words:  “to possess and carry weapons.”  SCOTUS also notes that this basic human right, much like those protected by the first and fourth amendments, “is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.”  Still, at every opportunity, gun control supporters seek to strip individuals of that basic human right.

While fundamental rights, logic and common sense seem to be prevailing in many of the gun control issues available for comment through POPVOX, this is not the case across the board.  For instance, the “Common Sense Legislation to End Gun Violence” measure, proposed by the absurd-in-both-name-and-practice Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is enjoying broad support despite the bills for each of the individual measures being nearly universally opposed by users.  Perhaps people see “Common Sense” and assume that what follows isn’t the complete opposite of that (boy, would they be wrong!).

We urge you to stop being part of the silent majority and get involved.  Stop by the forums to find and discuss gun control bills and visit SPEAKUP.GUNLINK.INFO to track gun control bills and weigh in on them.  Visit POPVOX to let your congress members know how you feel (and if they don’t perform, fire them at the polls).  Use the GOA and NRA tools.  Spread the word to your friends, family, Twitter followers, Facebook contacts, hunting buddies, gun club and everyone else.


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