Are “Smart Optics” Catching On?

Remington 2020

During last year’s SHOT Show, we covered the Tracking Point Xact system, a closed-loop weapon system with “smart optics” that compute ballistic data and make long range shooting so easy a caveman can do it.  Although there were skeptics in the GunLink crew at first, they were won over.  So, it seems, were others…

Remington recently announced their 2020 smart optic, powered by Tracking Point technology.  In addition to a line with more caliber options – .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester and .223 Remington versus Tracking Point’s .338 Lapua and .300 WSM – the price is significantly lower.  Where the Tracking Point offerings tip the scales in the $18,00-23,000 range, the Remington packages have a more palatable MSRP well under $6,000.  Where the factory rifle offerings from Tracking Point were totally custom numbers, Remington 2020 packages come with familiar Model 700 and Bushmaster rifles underneath their smart optics.

The full release from Remington follows:

Created through a collaboration between Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) and TrackingPoint, an applied technology company in Austin, Texas, the Remington 2020 Digital Optic System revolutionizes long-range accuracy by combining hand-selected rifles, matched ammunition, digital optics and target-tracking technology into an integrated shooting system.

“The Remington 2020 System is the next significant advancement in firearms technology,” said Scott Blackwell, president of Remington. “Remington has been a leading innovation provider to hunters and shooters since 1816. Through our partnership with TrackingPoint we are now leveraging a powerful R&D network and technology engine allowing Remington to continue to enhance our consumer’s experience. The end result; we have created the ultimate hunting and shooting confidence builder that allows the user to share their experience from start to finish.”

The Digital Optic System:

The digital optic system effectively bundles numerous devices and technologies together in a state-of-the-art package that brings confidence and improved accuracy to the shooter at distances of up to 500 yards. Integrated capabilities include:

  • 3-21X Digital Scope
  • Laser Rangefinder (750 Yard Range)
  • The Most Advanced Ballistic Computer Available
  • Video /Audio Recorder
  • Still Camera (frame capture)
  • Wi-Fi Server

Looking through the Remington 2020 Digital Optic System, the shooter is presented with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that overlays the information about the ammunition, environment and shot orientation that effect accuracy to the field of view before them. Through a sequence referred to as Tag, Track and React (TTR™), the Remington 2020 Digital Optic System allows the shooter to designate the desired location of a shot (“Tag”). The advanced internal ballistic computer immediately generates a firing solution based on a far greater number of inputs and factors that affect the bullet’s flight than other ballistic calculators or tables. The shooter then simply adjusts their point of aim to bring the ballistically corrected reticle on target (“Track”) and take the shot (“React”). Even on targets moving up to 10 mph.

Recording and Streaming

The system can also broadcast a Wi-Fi signal allowing others to see a streaming live video feed from the HUD via a smartphone (Apple iOS or Andriod) app. For the first time, another person can share what the shooter is seeing and doing wirelessly for more effective coaching, mentoring or guiding. From the time a Tag is placed until a preset time after the shot is taken, this stream can also be recorded, with audio, to internal memory for later downloading and sharing.

The System

Each system comes with:

  • A Hand-Selected Rifle – (Currently offered in three configurations)
    • Remington Model 700TM Long-Range chambered in 30-06 SPRG
    • Remington Model 700TM SPS Tactical AAC -SD with Threaded Muzzle chambered in 308 Win
    • Bushmaster Varminter chambered in 223 Remington
  • Mounted Remington 2020 Digital Optic System, zeroed and loaded with ballistic profiles for three paired ammunition types – a target round, a traditional hunting round and a Barnes Vor-tx TSX round.
  • Wheeled Hard Case with Custom-Fitted Foam Insert
  • A specially-packed 300-rd case of ammunition – 100 rounds of each of the three profiled ammunition types for that system

Suggested Retail Price – $5,499.99 – 5,574.99

The benefits of the Remington 2020 go beyond improved shot placement and the consolidation of gear currently required to perform ballistic calculations. The true benefit lies in the confidence, and enhanced capabilities that this technology provides to the user. All of which encourages a more ethical hunt.


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