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Our Team’s Still in the Fight

Earlier this week, while watching a well known radio host do his program, I drew some parallels between his monologue about his fight to further his political ideology and the way it can sometimes feel when it comes to advancing the Second Amendment cause.

The host claimed naïveté in believing that he was a part of a larger force working to support his political views and battle the policies and practices which he believes to be harmful.  He recalled a number of anecdotes in which individuals and organizations which he had previously believed to be agents of political change turned out to be nothing more than mouthpieces, sitting on the sideline, riding the pine while occasionally cheering on another member of their team.

He spoke of an interview with an author who, in painstaking detail and with myriad examples, had demonstrated the opposition’s efforts and the disastrous results of their “successes.”  The host asked the author how to pull out of the nosedive, to which the author replied that there was nothing to be done about the situation.  In another conversation, he asked the editor of a political journal how to get their team back on top in a dominant position.  The reply?  “It’s never gonna happen,” he claimed; there’s nothing left to do but to chronicle the decline.

Although this monologue may have been nothing more than hyperbole, sadly, this defeatist attitude is all to prevalent among those who claim to cherish their inalienable rights.  Some complain about the situation (some more loudly than others), some wring their hands while others only sit on their hands but relatively few actually get involved and champion the cause.

Maybe it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re barraged from all sides by those with the mindset of the author or the editor in the anecdotes above, but that’s no way to win the battle to keep intact the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  The battle to hold on to those rights has been going on for a long time and the strategy to fight back is the same now as it always has been:  facts, truth and common sense.

Sometimes it feels like our calls to preserve our constitutionally guaranteed rights fall on deaf ears.  What then?  Keep it up, that’s what.  No.  Redouble your efforts.  Get even more involved.  Join another pro-RKBA group.  Contact your representatives even more often.  Start a grassroots movement.  Why do this when it may seem like all hope may be lost?  To take a quote from the radio host’s same monologue:

So why am I doing this? This is all about honest passion, deep love, caring and appreciation for the country and the people who live in it, and the abject fear I have of what’s happening to it and making some sort of little effort here to stopping it and maybe reversing it.  And I’ve been under the impression that everybody on my side is doing the same.

Keep doing what you’re doing because you believe in it and because it’s the right thing to do.  We’re not defeated and it’s definitely not too late to do something.  Our entire team isn’t sitting on the sidelines but far too many people aren’t as involved as they could be.  If “our team” jumped into the battle head first and really started acting like a cohesive team then real progress could be made.

Consider this to be your call to get off the bench and get into the game!



Monologue excerpt from My Purpose is to Beat Back Liberalism and Revive Patriotism for the Next Generation.


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