Happy New Year 2014 From the GunLink Family

NYE Times Square by ReplytojainTo all of the GunLink readers, followers, visitors fans, friends and +1ers, thanks for a great 2013 and here’s hoping for an even better 2014.  We met and talked to new people, made new friends, learned new stuff and we hope to see all of that continue in the new year.

There is a supposedly-Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times” and, as far as our Second Amendment rights go, we certainly are.  2013 saw a number of 2A gains as well as some losses and renewed pushes for gun control fueled by anti-gun zealots desperately trying to “not let a tragedy go to waste.”  While you’re making your new years resolutions, consider adding something to your list to help protect the right to keep and bear arms.  Whether it’s organizing a local group for grassroots action, contacting your representatives using a tool like POPVOX, or supporting pro-2A businesses and avoiding anti-2A businesses, many small steps put together equals a lot of progress.

Don’t forget that 2014 starts off with a bang for firearms enthusiasts.  At SHOT Show, the big trade show for the shooting, hunting and outdoor industries in January, the latest and greatest technology from all the big companies will be on display and GunLink will be there to cover it for you (note that SHOT is industry-only).  If you’re the outdoors type, you’ll have an opportunity to see some new gadgets and gizmos for yourself at the Great American Outdoor Show in February.  Then, in April, you’ll have a chance to connect with other RKBA supporters at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, where you can see some of what you missed at SHOT.

Have a safe, happy and prosperous 2014, GunLink-ers!


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