Elzetta Lights Up Your Life with New Offerings at SHOT

The Elzetta FamilyElzetta, the Kentucky-based manufacturer of tactical lights and mounts, famously made waves by demonstrating the toughness of their lights by hammering hundreds of nails with them.  That toughness is made possible by starting off with mil-spec type III hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum bodies and filling them with fully potted electronics, 7/8″ thick acrylic lenses instead of reflectors and a variety of beefy tail cap options.  At SHOT Show 2014, Elzetta showcased some of their latest wares which, as with all of their modular flashlights and mounts are made in the USA using American materials, American tooling and American labor.

First up was their new lens.  As mentioned, whereas most of the flashlight industry uses reflectors to direct the light from their bulbs or LEDs, Elzetta uses field-swappable acrylic lenses to manage the light.  Standard Elzetta lenses focus the light into an 8-degree soft-edge beam.  Their new flood lens diffuses that light with a 20-degree spill, making it great for lighting up a room with no “hot spots” for close-up and indoor use.

The lights used to showcase the new lens also included Elzetta’s new Automatic Voltage Sensing (AVS) heads, which can be dropped into new or existing 2-cell Bravo or 3-cell Charlie lights for an hour and a half of 650 lumen output or an hour and 45 minutes of 900 lumen output, respectively.

Elzetta AlphaRounding out the new offerings is a totally new 1-cell flashlight that will be available this summer.  In case you weren’t able to keep up with the 3-cell Charlie, 2-cell Bravo naming scheme, the new 1-cell model is called the Alpha.  The pint-sized light should come with the familiar US-made Elzetta quality and modularity in a smaller package perfect for EDC pocket carry.  To make it easier still, it will even have a pocket clip to go along with it.


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