Spring 2014 Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and Gun Show

Spring 2013 KCR FireballThe bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky is coming up in just a couple of weeks.  The three-day event, held this year on April 11, 12 and 13, draws attendees from all over the globe to the gun range outside of Louisville.  Attendees can witness the spectacle of several day and night shoots as dozens of full-auto weapons sling tons (literally) of lead down range.  In addition to spectating at the reserved main firing line of NFA collectors and enthusiasts, attendees can rent machine guns to shoot, compete in a number of shooting competitions and find great deals at the gun show which features hundreds of dealers and individuals from all over.

General admission for the event is $15/day for adults and $5/day for children under 12.  On-site camping is also available starting at $20 per person.  Unlike in past years where attendees would have to worry about the weather causing issues with vehicular access to the range, the new bridge makes it virtually impossible to get flooded out.  Please note that Saturday April 12 coincides with the the Kentucky Derby Festival kick-off celebration in Downtown Louisville, so plan for traffic and accommodations accordingly.

Find the full schedule for the spring 2014 KCR Machine Gun Shoot here.  View Spring 2013 KCR Machine Gun Shoot photos here and watch the videos below.

Spring 2013 night shoot footage:

More spring 2013 footage:


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