Cast Your #GunVote at the Polls This November 4th

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General elections will be held throughout the US on November 4th this year.  Early voting is already well underway in many locations and absentee ballots are being circulated.

With controversial issues like healthcare and immigration reform being talked about, an openly anti-gun administration which recklessly wields “a pen and a phone,” personnel shake-ups at the Department of Justice and close decisions by an aging supreme court there is clearly a lot at stake with this election.

If you like the idea of more gun control laws and greater restrictions on individual rights, your task is easy:  stay at home and don’t get involved.  On the other hand, if you desire to see our constitution upheld and our rights preserved you have a little more work to do.  An informed, involved populace is the only thing that will keep our nation on track.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) #GunVote website provides a number of useful resources for finding out where the hot House, Senate, and gubernatorial races as well as information on how to find your poling location, absentee voting, and more.

NRAgradesThe NRA-PVF website has a list of the National Rifle Associations candidate endorsements and easy to understand grades from A+ to F.  In case you are not familiar with them, the NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is NRA’s political action committee.  This arm of the NRA ranks political candidates – irrespective of party affiliation – based on voting records, public statements and their responses to an NRA-PVF questionnaire.

In addition to the candidate grades and endorsements, the NRA-PVF site also features election news and a useful personalized ballot that you can prepare, print and take with you to the polls.

A small contingent of very loud anti-gun, anti-rights activists are already busy spreading their make-believe stats, outright lies and vitriolic message and, as we have seen in a number of stores and restaurants, they are good at PR.  Get involved this election cycle, spread the word about these valuable resources for gun owners, collectors, hunters, competition shooters and anyone who values their rights.

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