Armed Citizen: Right-to-Carry Permit Holder Foils Carjacking

Armed.  Safe.A Right-to-Carry permit holder was in a grocery store parking lot in Orem, Utah, when he heard a woman screaming nearby. The woman had been taken out of her vehicle by a carjacker. The permit holder rushed to help and confronted the criminal. As the thief was lunging at him, the permit holder shot and killed the attacker.

An investigation revealed that the deceased carjacker was sought in connection with another car theft earlier that day. When asked whether the permit holder could face charges, Orem Police Captain Ned Jackson told reporters, “He’s trying to assist this lady whose car is being stolen. He was fighting with her, he was trying to protect her. Then at the point the suspect comes to him and he’s trying to take the gun from him, then he’s trying to protect himself.” (KSL, Salt Lake City, Utah 05/02/15)

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