Texas Plumber Suing Dealership After Work Truck Ends Up in Hands of Terrorists

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

One year after Mark Oberholtzer’s story went viral when his former work truck ended up in terrorist hands, the 62 year old Texas plumber is back in the news – this time, seeking amends from the dealership who said they would “handle” his trade-in.

Back in October of 2013, Oberholtzer traded in his black 2005 Ford F-250 for a newer 2012 model.  When he started to peel the decals with his company’s information from the sides of the vehicle, a salesman at AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston stopped him and told him that they would take care of it so that the paint would not be damaged.  Clearly they dropped the ball.

In November of 2013, the truck was sold at auction and, one month later, shipped to Turkey before making its way to Syria.  In December 2014, photos of Islamic terrorists firing an anti-aircraft gun from the truck – with Olberholtzer’s company name and phone number still intact – hit twitter and skyrocketed to viral status with millions of views.  The photos appear to be stills from a video by Jabhat Ansar al-Din, an Islamic jihadist movement operating in Syria.

As the photo picked up traction, Olberholtzer’s phones were ringing off the hook.  His company received thousands of calls that included angry verbal harassment and death threats directed at him and his employees.  They even got a visit from the FBI and DHS.  As a result, he had to temporarily shutter the business and leave town to escape the harassment.

Olberholtzer is now suing the dealership for compensation in excess of $1 million for the financial losses and reputation damage suffered by him and his company.  The full text of the lawsuit is below.  



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