Gang Members Who Shot Up Mother’s Day Parade Get Life

ATF Success Story: Brothers Sentenced Three Years After 2013 Parade Violence

nola-nibinShootings, drugs, gang violence. It’s in the news a lot these days…most every day, in some fashion. What isn’t seen every day, what doesn’t usually make breaking news is when justice is delivered and the shooters are taken off the streets.

Three years ago, on a sunny afternoon in New Orleans, a Mother’s Day celebration turned violent when shots rang out leaving 20 people injured. A parade was underway in the 7th Ward in New Orleans. The gun play? It was all about control over turf, drugs, and the Frenchmen/Derbigny, also known as the FnD gang.

Last month, Travis Scott, aka “Trap,” aka “Slim,” Shawn Scott, aka “Shizzle,” Stanley Scott, aka “Stizzle,” and Akein Scott, aka “Keemy,” were sentenced in United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana for charges related to racketeering conspiracy, drug conspiracy, firearms conspiracy, and discharge of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. The Scott brothers had previously pleaded guilty to these charges.

According to court documents, the FnD gang was an enterprise engaged in racketeering under federal law. The Scott brothers, as members of this gang, conspired to commit numerous overt acts in furtherance of the gang’s activities. Gang members sold illegal drugs, such as heroin and crack cocaine, and they committed acts of violence, including shootings. FnD members often sold drugs in the Frenchmen Meat Market, a convenience store located at the corner of Frenchmen and North Derbigny Streets. FnD members used intimidation, violence, and threats of violence to maintain the gang’s control over turf that extended from Elysian Fields Avenue, North Johnson Street, the I-10 Interstate Highway, St. Anthony Street, and North Claiborne Avenue.  

The court had heard evidence of conduct which included the Mother’s Day mass shooting on Mother’s Day in 2013. In this shooting, 19 individuals suffered gunshot wounds when Akein Scott and Shawn Scott opened fire at a rival gang member in the parade. The court also heard evidence of relevant conduct of two separate homicides: the murder of Calvin Johnson in 2005 by Travis Scott and the murder of James Gould in 2012 by Akein Scott, Stanley Scott, and Travis Scott. The evidence presented by the government included ballistics evidence in the form of NIBIN which connected several shootings. Travis Scott and Akein Scott were sentenced to life imprisonment plus 10 years consecutive, to be followed by five years of supervised release. Shawn Scott and Stanley Scott were each sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment, to be followed by five years of supervised release.

This prosecution was the product of the continued coordinated effort of the federal and state law enforcement authorities including ATF within the Multi-Agency Gang Unit (“MAG”).


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