Anti-Gun “Celebrity” Blames NRA for Criminal Killing LEOs with Their Own Guns

The tragic war on police continued today after an incident in Michigan in which a criminal being led to jail stole a firearm from a deputy and used it to kill two law enforcement officers and wound a third.

WilWheatonNRAThen, like clockwork, the war on guns continued as a former child star took to social media with a profanity-laced tirade.  Not tirades against criminal behavior.  Not tirades against killing police.  Tirades against the NRA.  It is disturbing to think that someone could have such a sick, depraved mind that they could not only make such an absurd leap, but do so while someone’s family member has just been viciously murdered.

It is apparently the National Rifle Association’s fault that this bad guy broke the law, got arrested, was going to jail, and – on his way there – stole a gun from a deputy and executed a deadly attack on law enforcement officers.  Aside from biased media and the rabidly anti-gun politicians telling them that it is so, it is unclear how someone could come to the conclusion that the NRA is some big, bad boogeyman who can posses evil people to carry out evil acts.  As the “I am the NRA…” bumper stickers indicate, the NRA – or, the “gun lobby,” as the MSM is fond of calling Second Amendment supporters – is made up of its members.  You, me,  your hunting and shooting buddies.  So, by extension, Wil’s vulgar rant is against… you.  This is your fault.

Shame on you!  

Even after being confronted with the facts about his asinine tweet blaming the National Rifle Association for the vicious attacks in Michigan, Wheaton has dug in his heels.


One can’t help but wonder which mass shootings he is talking about being enabled by the NRA.  Perhaps he is confusing the NRA with someone else.  It could be that he is thinking about the club shooting in Orlando by the terrorist that the FBI knew about but let walk free.  Or the piles of bodies along the southern border stacking up after being murdered with Fast & Furious guns that the administration handed over to the cartels.  Or maybe the Paris attack victims, murdered by a firearm that some speculate to be a F&F gun as well.

We are all anxious to hear about these mass shootings that the NRA facilitates.  Well, Wil, we’re waiting…


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