HuffPo Pulls Anti-Gun Article After People Notice Them Advocating Gun Theft

br_gungrab_huffpoIt is not as if a story like this will surprise anyone who has taken any notice of the anti-gun “movement” for the past decade or so.  That crowd has a rich history of having no respect or appreciation for the rule of law and for projecting their own sick personality disorders onto the rest of society.  This behavior can be seen frequently when gun-grabbers spout off their sick world views, such as “nobody needs a gun unless you plan on killing someone” or when they advocate new (and useless) gun control laws which are in direct conflict with state preemption laws or, almost universally, the United States Constitution.  This has been the case for decades, if not centuries, and the advent of the internet and the growth of social media has added some fun new twists into the mix.

Further evidence of the bizarre mindset of many associated with the anti-gun movement can be seen on just about any pro-gun social media page, where the talk inevitably devolves into obsessive conversation about male genitalia.  Anti-gunners are so desperate to decry “lax gun laws” that they cannot be bothered to figure out what the laws are and end up committing felonies, as Katie Couric and her team did during the production of their gun control hit piece.  They also take to social media to continue spreading their anti-law-and-order platform, like when the absurdly-named Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (nee National Coalition to Ban Handguns) recently for citizens to misuse the 911 system and waste police resources by sending police on an emergency run any time they notice someone carrying an open or concealed firearm.  “For the children.

brvandalsBut now, the anti-gun groups, their army of social media robots and astroturf trolls, and their sympathetic media puppets are sinking to even greater depths.

The latest group of social media malcontents is a small contingent (perhaps as small as one) of anti-gun trolls operating a large number of Twitter accounts whose main shtick has been violent, potty-mouthed attacks on anyone who disagrees with them (whom they have, again, strangely sexualized with the nickname “gun humpers”), sharing photos of their sex toy collections, and promoting vandalism of public spaces with anti-gun messages.  As if online harassment, stickers, and spray paint were not enough, this group has now apparently graduated from cyberbullying and petty crime to promoting out-and-out felonious theft of firearms, to include breaking and entering and burglarizing of people’s homes, garages, and vehicles.  

Armed with a “clever” nom de plume, fake bio, and Huffington Post contributor spot, this Bloomberg/Clinton shill took to the interwebs with a clarion call for all of their followers (aka a “Betsy”) to get down to the business of committing felonies. The article, rife with photos of ostensibly stolen firearms and posted on the HuffPo website, reads in part:

Unlocked cars are a great place to find any kind of gun a Betsy might want, from handguns to AR-15s.

Garages can also offer a wealth of weapons to literally anyone who happens to stroll by. Irresponsible gunlicking fuckwits, take note:  if you can’t keep your fucking guns out of the wrong fucking hands, they will end up in Betsy’s.

Anybetsy can play this game – it’s fun and easy! The best part is that you don’t even really have to look all that hard before you start finding killing machines left lying around somewhere…

Make sure to take trophy pics

After all of the trouble that it took for this zealous anti-gun troll went through to pull this tripe from their damaged brain and angrily hammer it into their keyboard, and then submit it to Huffington Post where it allegedly went through their “editorial review” process – if an outfit such as HuffPo has such a thing, the piece was (bafflingly) approved for publication.  From there, it began to accomplish its goal – the same goal of all temper tantrums: garnering attention.  It is impossible to tell how much of that attention was from more of the author’s ilk – damaged, misguided, and easily-manipulated petty criminals who think that they are “fighting the good fight” – or how much of the firearm thefts we have seen recently on the news might be attributable to these losers.

huffporemovedOn the other hand, we do know that some of the attention came from gun owners and others who support the United States Constitution and the rule of law.  As is typical, given the meager number of grassroots gun control proponents (despite what the media tells you), the article didn’t get a lot of attention as a few basement dwelling hoplophobes frantically tweeted it back and forth between each other.  However, once actual America-loving Americans got hold of it, it really began to get legs and people saw it for what it was:  another garbage HuffPo article; this one likely a weak satire attempt that encourages simple-minded readers to go out and steal legally owned private property from people’s vehicles and homes.

Eventually, someone came to their senses and Huffington Post got to work scrubbing the article (both versions from 5 Oct. and 12 Oct.) from their website, although not in time for HuffPo to avoid showing their true face – or for the pages to be cached by internet archive sites or dozens of screenshot-taking users.


3 Responses to HuffPo Pulls Anti-Gun Article After People Notice Them Advocating Gun Theft

  • FrankieFourFingers says:

    Did they pull it because they encouraged stealing guns or because of the stolen pics from IV8888 melting that hipoint?

  • Al says:

    The article is still posted up on the “Medium” site. Can’t trust anything from that site anyway, the leaked podesta emails talk about them having puppets to put articles that the dnc and hillary campaign write and post them under their own name as their own:

    Date: 2016-01-08 23:08
    Subject: Fwd: Draft medium post on guns

    Begin forwarded message:

    >>>> Hey everyone —
    >>>>Ron Klain wrote a riff for HRC and sent it to Teddy on guns. We thought it could make a strong Medium post from someone who could really speak to this issue (not HRC and not someone on our campaign).
    >>>> Here’s the draft, which I edited and can personalize depending on who we want to use as an author. A survivor of gun violence? An advocate or family member?
    >>>> If we can find someone, and if folks want, we could get this posted today to Medium in someone’s name (not us). Here it is, let me know your thoughts!
    >>>> This week, President Obama did something no president has ever done. He announced that he’ll take new steps to take on the epidemic of gun violence in America—and not a moment too soon. Gunshots have now surpassed car crashes as a leading cause of death in our country. African Americans are four times more likely to die from a gunshot than any other cause. There were 330 mass shootings in 2015. And 147 people in the U.S. were killed by guns in just the first four days of 2016. We can’t go on like this.

    The rest of the post is in the leaked email from january 8th.

    Guess what. That whole article is posted on Medium from january 12th with the title “I’m With Hillary” by a “victim of gun violence”


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