June TacPack Subscription Box

We recently connected with TacPack and decided to give it a try and share some details about what’s in the box.  More in depth details and discussion about the June box is on the GunLink Forums (come join the conversation), but this month’s box contains these goodies (descriptions are from the TacPack website).


Burnproof Gear Rail Rap (75.00)  – You all know them! They make the best suppressor covers in the industry and they have come out with a breakthrough product to keep the heat down for all rifles! TacPack has the exclusive release thanks to our volume! This American made company developed a rail-wrap that not only keeps your hands from getting hot but it also can be used as a soft point of contact while shooting off of a barrier or hard surface. We’ve used our prototype for about 4 months now and ran it on a 10.3 MK18 upper during seven 30rd mag dumps (full auto, suppressed, Gemtech) and the only reason we had to stop was because the mirage from the suppressor made it hard to note the target. Burnproof Gear also tossed in a discount coupon! TACPACK – 10% off.

Nineline Tanker (24.00) – Our friend Daniel Merritt and company of Nineline make some great products and their 20oz Tanker is amazing. With the craze of the stainless double-wall Tumblers we went out on a quest to find the right one for TacPack. We picked Nineline because we want to support Veteran-owned organizations first and foremost. Like the rail wrap, this is the second item this month that will help keep you cool all Summer long. Veteran owned and built like a TANK!

Armaspec Anti-Walk Pins (15.00) – Anti-Walk pins are a great small item that we chose to include in this month’s TacPack. Our friends at Armaspec always deliver and these pins are top notch. Constructed from stainless steel and super light weight. These pins are the perfect addition to the gun you are building, or just a great upgrade for the gun you have!

ABKT Tactical Phantom Spector Knife (36.00) – A knife by ABKT is the absolute best value you can get. The Phantom Spector is a ball-bearing knife that is smooth, rugged, and reliable. ABKT creates such great value because they keep their ad costs low by depending on word of mouth advertising. black ti-coated stainless blade with Aluminum handles means it’s gonna last a test of brutal use. Do us a favor… Just flick it open already! You’ll see!

Photos of the June 2017 TacPack:

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