SHOT Show 2018 is Just Around the Corner

What will the largest firearms industry trade show bring us this year?

Welcome to Las VegasThe biggest show of its kind in the industry is just over a month away, with the 2018 iteration of SHOT Show going on from Tuesday, January 23 through Friday, January 26 in the Sands Expo center in Las Vegas.  Not only will our team be there to cover the latest and greatest firearms and gear innovations from the show floor, we will also get to share our hands-on experiences with guns and gear again during the invite-only Industry Day at the Range from Boulder City the day before the show officially opens.

Be sure to keep an eye here on the GunLink Blog, as well as the GunLink Forums for news leading up to, during, and after the show, and follow us on our social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for live updates, photos, video, and more. Sign up now for a free GunLink Forums account to join in the discussion during the event, share your opinions of what the past year of development is bringing to the industry, and to let us know what you want to see more (or less) of in our coverage.

Our week-long coverage of the much anticipated annual event is made possible in part by our coverage partners, who we thank for their involvement and support of new and evolving media platforms. We greatly appreciate their help in fostering the new environment which allows immediate access to the latest from the industry rather than having to wait for news and rumors to trickle through the traditional print timelines or wait longer still for products to hit shelves before laying eyes on them.   

shotforceproThis year, Shot-Force Pro returns as a Silver Partner to our show coverage. Shot-Force is an Ohio-based manufacturer of AR500 steel targets that incorporate innovative patented designs that allow for a more enjoyable, user-friendly shooting experience. Last year we had the opportunity to visit the Shot-Force facility to experience some of their targets, like the self-resetting targets with toggling hit zones, as well as see some of their new systems that were still in development and were subsequently released earlier this year at SHOT Show 2017. Company president Steve Davis has been telling us about their latest developments and we look forward to seeing them at the show.

StickyHolsters300x200New this year as a Silver Partner is Sticky Holsters.  We first heard of this company when one of our GunLink Forum members mentioned them in a post after meeting them at the NRA show. We stopped by to meet them and learn more at SHOT Show in 2013 and were thoroughly impressed – enough so that a Sticky Holster is almost always a part of the handgun purchase-trifecta, along with ammo, whenever we buy a new pistol. We have since reviewed a number of Sticky Holster products, including holsters and  magazine carriers, and currently have a new custom design in the works to integrate Viridian’s auto on/off light and laser ECR functionality, which will be added to our reviews soon.

GunzPistolLogoSmAnother returning Silver Partner is Gunz Incorporated. Gunz Inc. is a Kentucky-based firearms dealer serving the Central Kentucky region through their Louisville showroom and serving the rest of the United States through online sales, shipping firearms anywhere in CONUS where legally allowed and performing local transfers for incoming firearm orders.  Gunz Inc. representatives will be in attendance at this year’s SHOT Show; if you would like to arrange a meeting with them, contact them via their Facebook page.

RepackBox-300x200REPACK BOX is a new Silver Partner for our 2018 show coverage. We found out about this company by chance when we contacted the owner regarding another one of his ventures, GI Jewelry in 2016.  Our first experience with the Repack Box product was through organizing our variety of 9mm ammo with some samples that company-owner Roger sent us and we had occasion to use them again recently when we ordered some bulk rifle ammunition. Repack Boxes are offered in a variety of sizes for various calibers that fit conveniently into .50 caliber ammo cans for storage and are great for reloaders and purchasers of bulk or surplus ammunition – which is what prompted Roger to develop the uniformly sized, acid-free, caliber-marked boxes in the first place.

SHOT16_BrownellsAnother partner of GunLink, and new media platforms as a whole, is Brownells.  Company CEO Pete Brownell, in addition to serving as 2nd Vice President and board member of the NRA as well as NASGW, and the company at large, have been early adopters of so-called New Media, which encompasses blogs and forums like GunLink, YouTube channels, and various social media platforms, to reach the public in real time. The company tagline is “Serious about Firearms Since 1939” and they are bringing that heritage into the 21st century through their embrace of new media.

ShotAvatarSMWhile in Las Vegas to bring our readers the latest news, reviews, and more from SHOT Show 2018, we will also be covering other related events and activities, which has historically included off-site shooting events, the concurrent Army, Navy, Military Expo Winter show, gun range visits, and more. Don’t forget that you can help shape our coverage by joining us on the GunLink Forums, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and letting us know what you want to see.

NRA16_day3_7703Lastly, throughout the entire event, remember that, as much as we all love to see the newest and best products that the firearms industry has to offer, there are always those out there who want to see our right to keep and bear these firearms diminished or taken away altogether. In order to protect those rights, we need to work together to fight unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment, which are often pushed as an allegedly well-intentioned, emotion-based appeal. The National Rifle Association is America’s longest-standing civil rights organization. With more than five million members, the NRA posits itself as defenders of history’s patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.  Click here to join or renew your NRA membership today and receive a discount on your membership dues.

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