Sticky Holsters Unveils New EDC Products for SHOT Show

20180117_181359838_iOSJust in time for SHOT Show, Sticky Holsters is unveiling a bevy of new products for Concealed Carry EDC.

We have been reviewing Sticky Holsters for years now, since we were first introduced to them by a GunLink Forum member.  Since then, we have tried out and reviewed a number of their products, including their standard holsters in a variety of sizes, as well as their Super Mag Pouch, and the custom ECR-compatible holster for Viridian’s C5L compact light and laser.

We have had great experiences with Sticky Holsters’ products over the years and are happy to have them come on board with us as a SHOT Show Coverage Partner this year. Operations Manager, Eric, sent us over some details about the latest products coming out of the Sticky Holsters shop and we’re excited to get the opportunity to see them first hand at SHOT Show next week.

Sticky’s new products aren’t necessarily directly pistol-holster related but, rather, geared more toward the EDC stuff that you might lug around if you are packing heat already, like spare mags, tourniquets, a knife, etc.

The first set of new products are their Mini Mag Sleeves and Pouches. As you saw in our review of the Super Mag Pouch (SMP), we generally used that product for double-stack pistol mags like those for the G19 and G17.  Using the SMP for single-stack mags, like those for the XDS45, was passable, but not ideal since they didn’t fill out the pouch enough and we worried about the possibility of the magazine sliding out at inopportune times.  Trying to use the SMP for tiny mags, like those for the .380 ACP Ruger LCP, was nigh impossible. This is what we wrote at the time:   

Single stack magazines might have some extra room to flop around and short magazines have plenty of room to fall all the way down into the pouch. The company “solves” this issue by providing a small strip of sticky material with the pouch to lie behind the magazine to take up extra space or to ball up in the bottom to keep the magazine from falling in. I’ve tried both methods with my pouches and did not particularly care for either.

StickyMiniMagPouchAsk and ye shall receive. The Mini Mag Pouch was described by Eric as a smaller version of their SMP designed for shorter, single stack magazines that fits most magazines up to 40S&W and attach to the belt using the A-frame design.  Just like that, the problem of losing a small mag down into (or out of) the larger SMP is solved. These smaller mag pouches are available in both single and double-wide configurations.

The other minor issue that we experienced with the original SMP was when we didn’t use it for IWB or OWB carry but, instead, used it to keep lint and debris out of a pocket-carried spare mag. When used like this, the A-frame flap that was so handy for carrying at the waistband just added extra bulk and made it harder to fit in a pocket. Enter the Sticky Mag Sleeves – similar to the SMP but without the flap.

StickyDualMagSleeveIf full sized Mag Sleeves were around before, we didn’t know about them, but now Sticky Holsters is offering them in full sized Dual Mag Sleeve versions as well as single and dual Mini Mag Sleeve versions for the smaller mags. Magazines aren’t all that the sleeves and pouches are good for either. Right out of the gate we liked using our SMPs for magazines as well as multi-tools, flashlights, and more.  And, as we found out when we stuck our social media foot in our mouths, most popular tourniquets such as the CAT and R.A.T.S fit in the full sized pouches.

Although Sticky says that that the sleeves can be used either IWB or in the pocket, we still worry about the possibility of such a small item slipping loose from the belt during strenuous activity – especially the small Mini Mag Sleeve which would have very little “sticky” surface area to grip onto. To be fair, we’ve never had any of the other Sticky products that we use slip out like that, it’s jut something that we can see being a possibility. We can really see how the sleeves would shine for pocket carry, however.

StickyBeltSlideMagThe next new product that Sticky Holsters has rolled out is their new Belt Slider. This type of carry has been getting more and more popular for EDC-ing spare magazines, knives, tourniquets, or other gear, but many competing products that we have seen are little more than tactical-branded spandex tubes. Sticky improves on the design by including their sticky material on the inside of the accessory slot to hold the items – anything from a small single-stack .380 mag up to large double-stack magazines or CAT TQs – in place.

Each of the above recently-released items from Sticky Holsters are rolling out now on the Sticky Holsters website and from stocking dealers and will be on display at SHOT Show, but the company has one more trick up their sleeve – a new product that will be officially launched at SHOT.

StickyPadFrontThe Sticky Holsters Hybrid Holster Pad is the attempt to improve the experience for users of hybrid holsters. The one-size-fits-all pad is designed to be compatible with all hybrid holsters through the use of its hook-and-loop attachment.

StickyPadHybridThe holster pad kit includes a section of adhesive-backed hook material that can be cut to the shape of your hybrid holster’s backing and attached using the adhesive side. Then, the loop-backed Sticky Pad is attached to the hood side to provide an extra layer of cushion and protection between the wearer and the holster. Eric explains that the addition of the sticky material to the back of hybrid holsters will also help take some of the weight of the pistol off of your belt and make things even more comfortable. We can also see how it would keep the holster from “walking” out of place from where you place it – something that we have experienced with smooth leather-backed hybrids.

StickyPadBagThe placement of the hook part of the hook-and-loop attachment system on the back of the holster seemed odd to us, so we asked Eric why the placement wasn’t reversed to provide a softer surface for users who may sometimes want to wear the holster without the pad attached.  It turns out that the design is pretty well thought out in that the addition of the hook material to the back of the holster allows users to place the upgraded hybrid holster into off-body CCW bags, which generally have the loop part of the equation in the concealed carry compartments. Well played, Sticky Holsters.

We look forward to stopping by the Sticky booth (#1043) at SHOT Show to see the new products first hand.


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