Fausti Celebrates 70 Years of Beautiful Shotguns at SHOT Show 2018

While visiting the exhibitors at the 2018 SHOT Show, we had the opportunity to stop by the Fausti booth, congratulate them on their platinum anniversary, and have a look at their high end shotguns.

Fausti has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns since 1948, when Stefano Fausti founded the company. Although the beautiful looks and craftsmanship of their classic over-under and side-by-side guns are a bit north of our typical scattergun budget, we can certainly appreciate them and would be proud to have one in our collection.

The Fausti mantle is carried into the company’s 70th year by Stefano’s three daughters, Elena, Giovanna, and Barbara. Giovanna took some time out of her schedule to go over some of their core and boutique shotguns and show us what they are doing to mark seven decades of craftsmanship, as well as invite us to their Fredericksburg, Virgina, headquarters of Fausti USA branch which was established in 2009.

Fausti is celebrating the occasion with introduced two handmade new shotguns, an commemorative O/U and a commemorative SxS model.  

The O/U is available in standard 16, 20, and 28 gauge and .410 chamberings for either 2 ¾” or 3″ shells. The 24-32″ barrels are available with either interchangeable or fixed chokes. The classic look of the commemorative guns includes beautiful high-polished wood and Fausti’s silver Coin finish featuring intricate engraving work, including the individual shotgun’s place in the limited edition of the only 70 total being produced.

Like the commemorative O/U model, the 70th Anniversary SxS edition features the same deep wood, coin finish, elegant engraving, and position in the limited one-of-seventy production run. This model also adds a 32 gauge chambering to the lineup, which offers barrels only available up to a 30″ length with a splinter or semi-beavertail fore end beneath them.

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