Newly Developed Winchester Deer Season Slug Coming Fall, 2018

Shotgun slug technology has certainly advanced over time and Winchester Ammunition is at the forefront of product innovation. The Deer Season slug benefits from those technological advancements and is an ideal option for deer hunters throughout North America.

The Deer Season Slug is new for 2018 and looks similar to a traditional Foster-style slug, but is unique in that it is paired with a rear stabilizer that is inserted into the heel of the projectile. The slug and stabilizer travel as one downrange, resulting in accuracy that deer hunters need in the field. In addition, this shotshell is designed to be used in smooth bore, rifled choke tube or fully rifled barrels to make ammunition selection easier than ever for deer hunters. Additionally, the large diameter impact tip of the slug will provide rapid energy transfer on deer.

Deer Season Slug is packed five rounds to a box and will be available to hunters for as little as $6-$7/box.

“The new Deer Season slug will be a great addition to our slug-hunting cartridge options, particularly for those looking for excellent performance at an exceptional value,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales for Winchester Ammunition.


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