Duck Commander’s New Calls for 2018

Duck Commander’s passion for the outdoors drives the brand to continue making the best game calls for all outdoor enthusiasts. For 2018, Duck Commander introduced the new Flash duck call, the Pioneer featuring Realtree® Original camouflage, and extended the Jase Robertson Pro Series line.

“Whether you’re in the woods or on the water, we want to make sure hunters are equipped with the best calls,” said Justin Martin, General Manager of Duck Commander. “We’ve designed these new duck calls to withstand constant blowing from seasoned hunters during cold weather hunts, to making them easy to use for up and coming hunters.”

The Flash
The Flash has a silky, smooth tone that ducks will not be able to resist. This call is built using the Jase Robertson Pro Series modified reed system. It’s a soft-spoken call, but can get loud when the time comes.

Key features for The Flash :

  • Crisp sound creates smooth cadences
  • Short barrel
  • Easy to blow
  • Duck Commander signature double-reed, friction fit system
  • MSRP $34.99

The Pioneer
For hunters looking for a call that perfectly mimics the mallard hen, Duck Commander’s Pioneer, is one you’ll need to have on your lanyard. The Pioneer, featuring Realtree® Original Camouflage, is also built off the Jase Robertson Pro Series reed design, and is easy to blow whether you’re an expert caller or a student of the sport.

Key features for The Pioneer:

  • Realtree® Original Pattern
  • Short barrel to maintain call pressure
  • Easy to blow
  • MSRP is $34.99

Jase Robertson Pro Series
Coming off a successful year after launching the Jase Robertson Pro Series in 2017, Duck Commander decided to extend the line in 2018 to offer hunters more options using various models.

The reed system in this series of calls is creative and will harmonize with the air pressure like a single reed would, but has the toughness of a double reed. The Jase Robertson Series calls will do everything a Mallard hen does and will do everything a human thinks they should do on a duck call…quack it, feed it, or hail on it with equal enthusiasm.

Features of Jase Robertson Pro Series Models:

  • Blackwood
  • Bocote
  • Burnt Hedge
  • Chartreuse
  • Maple
  • OD Green
  • Smoke
  • MSRP ranges from $54.99-$64.99

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