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Alien Gear Holsters’ Galactic Green Handgun Giveaway

Alien Gear Giveaway GunsHayden, ID – Alien Gear Holsters, the most comfortable and concealable carry holsters on the planet, has announced its Galactic Green Handgun Giveaway that anyone can win!

Contestants can enter for a chance to win by uploading a fun video featuring their Alien Gear Holster to Youtube. The top video submissions will be selected, then voted on by Alien Gear fans at the beginning of June. The two contestants who gain the most votes from viewers will win. Creativity is encouraged!

The winners will receive an alien green, custom coated Springfield XD Mod.2 or a SCCY CPX-2 from Mad Custom Coating ( The winners will also receive a limited edition Alien Gear IWB Holster, which features a one-of-a-kind green Alien Gear logo stamp and a soft, green neoprene padding. Be sure to subscribe to the Alien Gear Holsters Youtube page to follow the latest entires. The more you encourage your friends to like or share your video, the better your chances are at winning the Galactic Green Handgun Giveaway.

Visit to enter today! Continue reading

Alien Gear Offers New Lines of Holsters, Accessories

Clip ProfileEarlier this year I bought a pair of Alien Gear IWB Cloak Tuck holsters for some carry guns.  I liked them enough (see review here) to pick up another one on the secondary market.  The folks at Alien Gear have been keeping busy and I recently had the opportunity to try out some of their new products and accessories.

One of the big features of Alien Gear products – aside from comfort – is their modularity.  The Cloak Tuck IWB holsters consist of the leather backing, the Kydex shell, and front and rear belt clips – each with three different mounting positions to adjust for cant and ride height.  The removable shell allows for swapping out shells if you change carry guns or if the shell gets damaged.  This modularity is also the driving force behind a lot of Alien Gear’s newest offerings. Continue reading

Alien Gear, Old Faithful Holsters Merge

Alien Gear Old Faithful MergerAnnounced today on each company’s respective Facebook pages, Alien Gear Holsters and Old Faithful Holsters are merging together under Tedder Industries.  See our Alien Gear Holsters review.

Alien Gear/Old Faithful merger announcement:

Alien Gear Holsters, the makers of quality, concealed carry holsters announces that they are merging with Old Faithful Holsters, also a manufacturer of concealed carry holsters and accessories, to become the leading hybrid holster manufacturer in the United States under parent company Tedder Industries.

The merger of Alien Gear Holsters, based in Hayden, Idaho, with Old Faithful Holsters, based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, further increases the combined companies share in the concealed carry holster market. “The merger is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase our market share,” said Thomas Tedder, president of Tedder Industries. Continue reading

Out of This World Holsters from Alien Gear

Alien Gear holster in use at GunLink NRAAM CommandAlien Gear Holsters has been generating considerable buzz since they flew their UFO full of holsters onto the scene last year.  The Alien Gear business model is to “make and sell gun holsters directly to the public at below wholesale prices.”  It all sounds too good to be true, but I want to believe so we probed around a bit to learn more.  We already have a big Box o’ Holsters at GunLink HQ, so we were hesitant to order more but at this price point, resistance is futile.  After all… It’s the only way to be sure, so we ordered a couple.

Hybrid Holsters

Alien Gear IWB holsters are of the hybrid type, which means that they have a Kydex shell attached to a leather backing.  The wide leather backing allows the belt clips to be further apart than some other holster types, more evenly distributing the weight of the pistol and making carry more comfortable.  The Kydex shell provides a completely custom, form fitting scabbard that securely holds the pistol.  Being an IWB holster it, of course, rides inside the waistband of the wearer’s pants, attaching via the belt clips leaving only the clips and the grip of the pistol exposed above the waistband.


The first thing CCW-ers will probably notice when comparing Alien Gear holsters to similar hybrid holsters is the price.  Alien Gear holsters start out Continue reading





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