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Bad News For “Universal” Background Check Supporters

kennedylewisterrorwatchlistHave you noticed that all the hot takes about the supposed need for more gun control have something in common? Whether it’s a call to limit gun ownership to two firearms or a desire to ban firearms completely, America’s anti-gun pundits have no shortage of different “solutions” they’d like to see turned into laws. But not many of them seem particularly eager to talk about what it would take to actually enforce those laws, or maybe they haven’t even considered that aspect of legislation. All we have to do is a pass a law, apparently. Enforcement is optional.

In the real world, of course, it doesn’t work that way. Now, even some gun control advocates are having to reluctantly accept the fact that passing a gun control law doesn’t automatically lead to less crime. Recently, anti-gun researcher Garen Wintemute took a look at “universal” background check laws in Washington, Colorado and Delaware. All three states passed similar laws in 2013, and Wintemute wanted to see if the laws had led to an increase in the number of background checks. As it turns out, the answer was “no,” at least for Washington and Colorado. Universal background check laws clearly don’t lead to universal background checks for every transfer of a firearm. Gun owners know this, and we’ve tried to point this out to anti-gun activists on many occasions, but they needed to see the science. Now they have.

Wintemute and others are now trying to claim that the problem with the “universal” background check laws can be fixed with “more assertive enforcement.” Yet the study’s authors can’t really point to more assertive enforcement in Delaware, even though it did see an increase in background checks for both handguns and long guns. What would “more assertive enforcement” look like, anyway? It’s a pretty imprecise phrase for a man of science like Wintemute to throw around without offering up specific examples.   Continue reading

Information About NICS Use by FFLs for Private Party Transfers

FBI_NICSThe purpose of this communication is to assist Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) who facilitate the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals.

On January 16, 2013, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) issued an open letter to all FFLs regarding the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals. The letter provides guidance with respect to private sale transfers facilitated by FFLs as unlicensed individuals do not have the ability to use the National Instant Criminal background Check System (NICS) to conduct a background check on a prospective transferee.

In addition, several states have state laws which prohibit the transfer of firearms between individuals unless a NICS background check is completed. To obtain a copy of the open letter or obtain more information regarding the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals, please copy and paste the link provided into your browser or visit the ATF Web site at

With the possibility of increased transfers involving private sale transactions, the NICS Section would like to provide information regarding the use of the NICS during private sale transfer scenarios. The NICS Section will make the option for the transfer of a private sale firearm available to all FFLs not just FFLs having a state law requiring such. This capability will be available to all FFLs on September 16, 2015.

The FFLs may not be required by state law to process private sale transfers; however if you choose to engage in private sale transfers, please note it will be the responsibility of the FFL to specify the transfer as being connected to a private sale. Below is important information for you to know when conducting a NICS background check for the transfer of a private sale.

If you are conducting a NICS background check for the transfer of a private sale firearm via the contracted call centers, when asked by the call center agent, please identify the “type of transaction” as a private sale.

If you are conducting a NICS background check for the transfer of a private sale firearm via the NICS E-Check, please select private sale of a handgun, private sale of a long gun, private sale other, private sale return to seller handgun, private sale return to seller long gun, or private sale return to seller other in the field titled “Purpose ID (18).”

If you have any questions regarding the information provided, please contact the NICS Business Unit at Thank you!

Extended NICS Hours for Black Friday

Worried about long waits at the gun counter when snapping up those smoking Black Friday deals?  This recent announcement may help to ease your mind.

The FBI NICS Section has announced extended hours of service on Friday, Nov. 29, 2013 (“Black Friday”), for E-check Users and state Point-of-Contact (POC) Programs.  Typically, the NICS is available daily from 8 a.m. until 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).  However, in response to requests to bring NICS into service earlier on “Black Friday” to better accommodate typical business-hour extensions throughout the retail industry and due to a long history of record-breaking volume on this day, the FBI will bring the NICS in-service starting at 4:30 a.m. EST for NICS E-check Users and for state POC Programs.  The NICS Contracted Call Centers will open, as normal, at 8 a.m. EST.

For those Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) that do not currently utilize the NICS E-check service and would like to do so prior to NICS Peak Season 2013 or in advance of the earlier-than-normal NICS service hours being provided on “Black Friday,” contact the following for that expeditious, automated firearms background check service: 1-877-324-6427.  Select Option 2 for FFL Customer Service and then option 5 for E-Check enrollment. Continue reading

Gun Control Advocates. There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

More Lies From Gun Control ZealotsIt is difficult to tell whether gun control advocates actually believe the things they say, blindly parrot whatever they hear or just completely make things up to fit their anti-rights agenda.  The answer to this should be clear for the top brass of gun control organizations – there is simply no way that they can not have the facts yet they still choose to disregard them to push their bogus schemes.  Among rank-and-file anti-gunners there is likely a mix of the three, which sometimes makes it difficult to separate the shills from the truly brainwashed – the low information crowd, as it were.

Recently, after sending out a tweet containing a link to join NRA, we received an interesting response.  As gun control zealots are often wont to do, this twitter user masquerades as something they’re not, claiming to represent NRA members’ opinions while using the TCOT hashtag and a picture of one of the founding fathers as their profile picture – presumably hoping that readers would blindly accept it as truth.  Also in typical gun-control-zealot fashion, the user claims to Continue reading





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