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GunLink Local Discussion Boards Get a Makeover

The shooting community, and Second Amendment advocates in general, have always been a relatively tight-knit group.  It is always refreshing to see the camaraderie between the good, honest people from all walks of life who show up to big events like the NRA Annual Meetings or the biannual machine gun shoots at Knob Creek and Big Sandy or industry events like SHOT Show.  That camaraderie is perhaps even more evident on a smaller scale such as on a competition circuit, shooting club, or informal get-together of friends participating in the shooting sports.

In the political realm, the phrase “grassroots” is often bandied about (despite its invasion by “astroturf” movements) because, realistically, concerned individuals working together to effect change is what brings about real legislative changes.  This can be seen in gun-rights rallies, letter writing campaigns, and other local pushes to contact representatives to ensure that vox populi is heard.  These days, it is easier than ever to connect, thanks to the internet.

The GunLink Forums has had state-by-state forums for a few years now.  Those local discussion boards have served a number of purposes including, for several years, acting as an online rallying point for members of a national gun rights organization.  During that period, the boards were largely limited to locating members in your area and chit-chat, even that of a local nature, was kept to a minimum.

The states’ forums have recently undergone another facelift with much of the old restrictions now removed.  Under the new format, the local boards are open for any kind of discussion you like (within reason and within the general forum rules, of course).  Open for discussion are all things relevant to members in your area, including shooting events, news, elections, firearm legislation, meetups, links to your buy/sell/trade listings in the GunLink Marketplace, and just about anything else.

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Welcome to the GunLink Blog – The Online Firearms Portal

Well, here we are.  We’ve kicked around the idea for a while of having a GunLink blog and we’ve finally got around to adding one.

It should be useful on several levels.  Currently, new GunLink articles get posted on the GunLink Forums, which can make them more difficult for the average user who might not be a forum member to access.  For the time being, we have several options that we’re going to explore.

The first option is to post articles on both the forums and on the blog.  This would probably make the articles the most accessible but would also take up the most time (for posting, formatting, etc) only to duplicate material.  Alternatively, we can post original articles (and links to 3rd part articles) on the blog, where they would be easy to find, and post a link to the blog entry on the forum so forum users know about the new materials.  Another option would be to flip-flop that and have the articles on the forum and a brief description and a link on the blog.  Personally, I think the second option makes the most sense, but we’re open to suggestions.  Feel free to let us know what you think in blog comments, forum posts or via Twitter.

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