Firearms Industry Shopping Comparison Engine Addresses Changes in Search Policies

GunSpec’s Search and Shopping Comparison Engine
Entirely to Firearms Industry Increases Capabilities for Retailers

GunSpec Firearm Comparison Shopping EngineKINGSTON, NY (July 2012) – GunSpec, a shopping comparison site for the firearms industry, has stepped up its commitment to providing online services for retailers and firearms enthusiasts in light of recent changes of policy by one of the largest search engines in the world.

Through the new policy, firearms retailers must comply with the rules that include pay-for-position and the elimination of any products that appear on the list of prohibited products to include “guns, ammunition and knives.” Aware of the serious implications for retailers, GunSpec is currently developing new programs that will allow displaced retailers to set their own budgets, bid on search product placement and provide them with additional brand exposure for their stores.

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