Gun Control Advocates. There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

More Lies From Gun Control ZealotsIt is difficult to tell whether gun control advocates actually believe the things they say, blindly parrot whatever they hear or just completely make things up to fit their anti-rights agenda.  The answer to this should be clear for the top brass of gun control organizations – there is simply no way that they can not have the facts yet they still choose to disregard them to push their bogus schemes.  Among rank-and-file anti-gunners there is likely a mix of the three, which sometimes makes it difficult to separate the shills from the truly brainwashed – the low information crowd, as it were.

Recently, after sending out a tweet containing a link to join NRA, we received an interesting response.  As gun control zealots are often wont to do, this twitter user masquerades as something they’re not, claiming to represent NRA members’ opinions while using the TCOT hashtag and a picture of one of the founding fathers as their profile picture – presumably hoping that readers would blindly accept it as truth.  Also in typical gun-control-zealot fashion, the user claims to Continue reading





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