NOIR | Episode 22: “NOIR’s Last Chance”

NOIR_Ep22_Backplate_textNOIR Episode 22 “NOIR’s Last Chance” wraps up the first season. Colion and LaSorte reveal who won the NOIR Challenge, the guest challenge, and explain why the show has opened up a new world for shooters.  Watch the season one finale below.

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NOIR Episode 10 – I’m Seeing Double

NOIR_SM_Ep10_ProstShow[1]NOIR Episode 10 – I’m Seeing Double – is online and ready to watch in case you missed watching it live.  Scroll down to watch this episode in its entirety or click here to view all past episodes of NOIR.

In this episode, LaSorte takes his transformation into the shooter athlete a little too seriously.  Okay, way too seriously.  Being a shooter athlete is all about versatility, and firearms can be used in so many different ways; that’s why Colion started a freestyle course.

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NOIR Returns: Episode 9 – LaSorte’s Last Stand

NOIR Episode 9Colion Noir’s show, NOIR, on NRA Freestyle started out back in May with the first episode, titled Start Here.  The episode title was appropriate enough, as that first episode created a lot of buzz.

Viewers continued to tune in to watch the original airing or to watch past episodes of NOIR online and the show even inspired other firearms lifestyle online series.

The 8-episode first part of season one wrapped in late June as the series went on a two month hiatus.  The series now returns, kicking off the next leg of the season with Amy and Colion introducing a head-t0-head battle with Darren LaSorte to find out who is the best “athletic shooter.”

“Stuck in his tactical ways, LaSorte struggles to comprehend the idea of athletic shooting. In an effort to bring him into the light, Colion and Amy realize the easiest way might be to show him.”

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That’s a Wrap: “Protecting Means Celebrating” Episode Ends Season 1 Part 1 of NOIR

NOIR_SM_EP8_postshowFirst Part of NRA Freestyle’s NOIR Season One is in the Can

Eight episodes in and Mr. Colion Noir’s show, in partnership with NRA Freestyle and co-hosted with Amy Robbins, is as popular as ever as part one of the first season draws to a close.

The latest episode, Protecting Means Celebrating, is presented below:

There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to firearms – our history, recreation and most of all our freedoms. In NOIR Episode 8 “Protecting Means Celebrating,” Colion and Amy discuss why it’s important to protect our rights earned during the founding of our country. When it comes to guns, protecting means celebrating.

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NOIR Episode 7: Our Responsibility

NOIR_SM_EP7The seventh episode of NRA Freestyle’s NOIR with Mr. Colion Noir and Amy Robbins is now up.

Owning a gun is just cool.  Ask our favorite gun enthusiast and he’ll tell you “they’re sexy, fun, entertaining, empowering and fascinating.”  But the most important part of being a gun owner is understanding the responsibility that comes with it.  In NOIR Episode 7 “Our Responsibility,” Colion and Amy discuss the responsibilities of gun ownership in self-defense and recreation.

Watch the full episode below, check out to watch new episodes live on Sunday nights and come back right here on the GunLink Blog to watch new episodes any time.

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NOIR Episode 6: Where Are All the Gun Celebs?

NR_SM_EP6The latest Episode of NRA Freestyle’s NOIR is now available below to watch online.

In NOIR Episode 6, Colion and Amy discuss the lack of mainstream gun celebrities and dream big for their ultimate “Gun Fest.”

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