NOIR | Episode 22: “NOIR’s Last Chance”

NOIR_Ep22_Backplate_textNOIR Episode 22 “NOIR’s Last Chance” wraps up the first season. Colion and LaSorte reveal who won the NOIR Challenge, the guest challenge, and explain why the show has opened up a new world for shooters.  Watch the season one finale below.

Although this may be the last episode of NOIR season one, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep watching.  Catch up on old episodes that you missed or re-watch your favorites in the GunLink NOIR archives.   Continue reading

NOIR | Episode 21: “Better With Age”

NOIR_Ep21In NOIR Episode 21, Jerry Miculek proves in shooting, age is just a number.  Colion and LaSorte hope to follow his lead and continue to do what they love for the rest of their lives.

Watch episode 21 below.  See more episodes here.

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NOIR | Episode 20: “The Jedi of Shooting”

NOIR_Ep20In NOIR Episode 20 “The Jedi of Shooting,” Colion and LaSorte learn from one of the best.  Force Recon Marine Travis Haley, known for his Magpul Dynamics’ The Art of the Tactical Carbine and The Art of the Dynamic Handgun, gives Noir and LaSorte some expert advice.

Watch episode 20 below.  See more episodes here.   Continue reading

NOIR | Episode 19: “The Tortoise and the Hare”

NOIR_Ep19In NOIR Episode 19 “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Rob Pincus practices concealed draw from a vehicle with Colion, and LaSorte perseveres through his injury during the NOIR Challenge.

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NOIR | Episode 18: “Puncher’s Chance”

NOIR_Ep18In NOIR Episode 18 “Puncher’s Chance,” professional featherweight boxer Gary Russell Jr. joins the show and creates competition between Colion and LaSorte – the loser ends up in the ring. And an injury in Stage 10 of the NOIR Challenge could be the turning point in the competition.

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NOIR | Episode 17: “It’s a Business, Man”

NOIR_Ep17In NOIR Episode 17 “It’s a Business, Man,” Colion and LaSorte go head-to-head with retired NFL player Andrew Kline on the Freestyle field and discuss the possibility of freestyle shooting as a spectator sport.

Watch episode 17 below.  See more episodes here. Continue reading





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